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    It would be interesting a utility that hears input signal and settings automatic the parameters (gain, EQ, comp, etc) as the new series TF1, TF3 and TF5 by Yamaha

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    auto is for people who are lazy, sound you make with you ears not auto.


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    Mike Storm

    I thought the Yamaha only did gain adjustments?

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    We keep dumbing things down. Crazy. Temporarily auto setting a preamp that is driving into distortion maybe but beyond that leave it alone. If you can’t run it then go do something else like build sand castles.

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    …dreaming of such an auto-setup for years. Just feed in your favorite recording into the mixer and it adjusts everything so that FOH will sound exactly like that. Including room compensation. And no feedback. At any volume. Regardless which PA is installed. Also compensating wrong tunes coming from the band. And also mimic the original lightshow, of course. 😉
    Hmm, FOH operators no longer required… bad technology…

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    There would be a market for this for sure. I played a show last weekend with a band that’s been around for 30 years, we were opening so we plugged into his system. Just an analog peavey board, very basic. He had every fader set at 0db and then would mix the band by turning the gain up or down until it sounded right out front. (hint hint…it never sounded right) He had no idea what he was doing at all. Now a digital board that would set itself up by typing in what brand and model mic you are using and assigning them to each channel would be good for a guy like that. It still wouldn’t ever sound right, but it might get him a touch bit closer, and would for sure buy into the hype…

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    The Qu already comes with a large collection of preconfigured channel settings for various instruments. These may be a good point to start.

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    That utility is already available – it’s not even mixer specific.

    It’s called an engineer!

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    Bose Tonematch

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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