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    I have a Behringer P-16I that runs a monitor system. Previously all 16 aux sends on the d-snake were used to send 16 channels from XLR to 1/4″ into the unit. To free up the aux sends I recently purchased a used Aviom AN-16/O. The monitor channels were assigned to 16 monitor ports using the Aviom protocol. I connected the d-snake monitor port to the Aviom Anet input, and the Aviom outputs into the Behringer input unit.

    The Aviom module is set to the max output level. Nothing else was changed on the GLD, but I noticed a big drop in volume level to the personal mixer units of at least 10dB, sometimes more. I have to turn up the input sensitivity of the Behringer unit and boost all the Aux channels on the GLD by 10dB to get back where it was before.

    Is this an Aviom issue, or is there some reason the monitor output is running a lot lower than the Aux outputs on the d-snake were?

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    Leon BigEars A&H

    Hi bob274.
    not quite clear whether you needed to free up XLR output sockets, or Aux sends in the GLD. Either way you went digital.
    did you assign Aux mix outs onto dSnake? or did you opt for channel direct outs or mic splits [dSnake inputs]?

    I notice the P-16I has ADAT in 1-8, 9-16. you dont say how far the console is from the musos but A&H do a an MMO card with ADAT out that can be fitted to the GLD rear. You could send mic pre, channel DIs, mixes, whatever you want out via ADAT into your monitor system. If your GLD is at FOH and the AR2412 onstage I can see why you might want to use the monitor port to link into your stations. introducing an additional third party converter box has its complications! GLD monitor out can be compatible with Avion A-16 stations – not too sure about their hubs!
    Any chance you could try out our ME-1 stations sometime – you would get the added benefit of channel names appearing on the stations. up to 40ch (e.g. all you mic splits or channels), custom sub-grouping per station and backlit LCD display!

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    GLD monitor out can be compatible with Avion A-16 stations – not too sure about their hubs!

    Are suggesting it might NOT work connecting A-16s to the monitor port via an Aviom hub, but would only work daisy-chaining them? Connecting via a hub is certainly something we would want to do.


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    The Monitors port in Aviom mode behaves exactly the same as the Pro16 output of an Aviom AN16/i. It should be able to do anything that an AN16/i can do; there are customers using it with the A16-D with good results.

    Note that the newer Pro16e format used by some more recent Aviom products is not supported in any way. Also note that if you do plan on trying out the ME-1, the A16-D Pro does not remotely power the ME-1, as it does not implement a standard Power over Ethernet output. The ME-1 is otherwise interchangeable with an A-16ii personal mixer.

    I’ll try to get back to you regarding the output levels on the AN16/o; I’ve got a feeling that I have experienced this myself but need to double check.


    – Jeff, A&H

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    Thanks for the input guys.

    Leon: I was freeing up XLR outputs on the snake, not Aux channels. I was previously sending 16 Aux channels to 16 XLR outputs. I’m now sending those exact same 16 Aux channels to the Aviom monitor port, and the volume dropped considerably. I had to max the P16-I sensitivities and boost the Aux channel faders by 10dB.

    I can’t say I’d be opposed to trying the ME-1 stations, but the reason for the Behringers is the cost (and they were purchased before the ME-1 system was released). If it would cost very much to upgrade it wouldn’t be worth it right now.

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