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    Is there a way to deactivate and reactivate User Profiles on the AHM either remotely or schedule when users can long in to the app.

    Example : I would like the ADMIN Custom Control app to be able to deactivate all or some other users. (Perhaps by recalling a preset?)

    Example : “User 1” is only active on Tuesdays. (Perhaps via a scheduled event?) (or maybe the Custom Control app for “User 1” is only available on Tuesdays)

    Thanks for any help

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    There’s currently not a way to do that, as the user profile settings live above the presets in the unit config. I think that’s a solid idea, though!
    You could use the event scheduler to trigger the CC layout changes, since each CC layout can have multiple ranges of presets associated with it. So at 8am on Tuesdays a certain preset is activated and that changes the active CC layout.
    That may not totally get you what you’re looking for, but it might get you pretty close.

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    I not sure if I am following you but this is what I think you are saying, (Please correct me if I am misunderstanding).

    You would schedule an event in AHM that would recall a preset, and then assign a CC Layout to that preset in CC editor? If this is the case, when any other another preset is recalled would that CC layout become unavailable? I have been using allot of preset recalls for changing patching recalling specific levels, and that knocks out allot of that usability.

    This may be a dumb question (it probably is) : Since a preset stays active once pushed, is it possible to to have 2 Presets active at the same time? As long as they are not interfering with each other recall scope?

    If that is somehow a possibility we could then select a preset that no recall scope but will allow or disallow a specific CC layout. Kind of like an assignable on/off button.

    I don’t think this in possible, but never hurts to ask.

    Or I could just post a Feature Request for a scheduler in the details of CC layout details. I think I may be trying to make this way to complicated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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