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    I know there’s a dollar difference between the various consoles, so I will not ask for crazy rewrites, but there are a few navigational, and usage items which have hit me a few times.

    1. Macros… It would be cool if there could be a macro recorder, or a mode that we could flash everything to a specific set up on the console. Better said, I would love to have a soft key which would return all the layers to layer 1, select the mix as master, and set the the display to processing all in 1 shot. I am sure that other people would like their own set up hence the idea of a macro mode. I am the lighting director at work, and on that console, I can record a macro… it starts recording steps, and as I did stuff it would record those motions into an action list. This list is editable, or you can just rerecord the macro. I could see having the ability to run a few macros as a very useful thing. I would then have these attached to soft keys.

    2. Ganging Button… Allow us to use this as the ganging button, but have the option to use this for other functions… ex. another softkey, or audio recording. I never use this button in it’s current form, and if I needed it, I could see ganging being a deeper menu thing, not something that needs to take up a valuable display button.

    3. RTA mode… And I am not sure how to recomend this one… but something along the lines of slowing down the peaks to help with isolating feedback a little easier. This or put an RTA type image behind the PEQ graph so we could dial in on feedback a little easier.

    4. As others have mentioned, distortion / overdrive effects. It’s the one real missing item from the effects list.

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    I like number 1. I’ll tend to have the desk on a certain layer in a certain mix as my “home” position, and press the same sequence of buttons to get back to that each time after going somewhere else to make a change. This could probably be done by allowing the current layer and mix selections to be included and recalled in the scene memories.

    I wouldn’t want to make the ganging button do anything different. I agree that the button could have been used for something more commonly accessed, but it’s label is permanently written beside it, and it’s part of a series of other buttons that all have permanent functions. At least with the softkeys you know that they’re softkeys and may do a variety of different things.


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    Won’t address 1-3 at this time. I will say I disagree with 4. That’s an artist thing. Engineer/mixers don’t need to start adding those kinds of effects. Don’t need to waste valuable DSP. I have even challenged a few singers on some shows that want to run their microphone through their own processor. I tell them they can do that when they’re performing with their band with no engineer but not if I’m going to mix the show. But I don’t want to deal with that stuff on instruments.

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    Is that like Actions in Reaper software?
    assigning a softkey to an action? even from an external keyboard?
    Now there’s an idea… pluging a computer keyboard into a surface to get actions…
    my case rest’s there. 😐

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    Allow me to add one vote for a distortion effect. I can see it used on a special passage on a vocal. Sort of like a telephone distortion or the like. Having a singer put his mic thru a stomp box and then sending it to the board is not what I would want to see. Also, I would like to distort an echo during a “call and answer” effect when using a longer delay time.

    There would be little use for this in a festival situation but a band that uses one sound person it would be useful.

    Since A&H doesn’t make their presence known on this board lately I think making feature suggestions is a study in frustration. We may be orphans.

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