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    Maurits Thiel

    Let me first say, what a nice platform, but there is always room for improvement.

    1:I would like to see an OPTION ALL function, assignable to a softkey for example.
    To be used mainly in classical applications, where you have large blocks of identical mics on similar instruments.
    The ALL would be applied to all the channels in the selected bank, so 12x gain or hpf or lpf, etc.

    2:The ability to turn the “hold” function for 48V on or off. When running high numbers of condensers this saves a lot of time, copy paste is not always wanted because it takes all the attributes of the preamp.

    3: on the input filter stage, the ability to select filter types for the LPF

    4: on all busses including matrix. The addition of HPF and LPF with selectable filter types.

    5: For stereo Aux busses. The option to link the panning in the aux bus to the main panning.

    6: Have the same GUI controls (pinch to zoom, multipel tabs) for the delay page (input and output) and for the recal filter page. Both of these windows are very important for theater applications and provide very little overview in the current state.

    7: A library or dedicated copy paste function for Recal filters, now only the possibility to copy an entire scene exists. (library is preferred)

    8: The ability to take the surface offline (as on digico) providing the ability to look ahead in scenes, very useful in theater applications.

    9: In the scene update window, in the top part of the screen a range can be selected, from and to scene.
    Please ad the scene names here, not only numbers, when running long cue lists, or an edited cue list, only the scene numbers does not provide a good overview.

    10: the addition of a sort of countdown clock when running embedded recall scene.

    11: in the talkback setup window, create the ability to set the amount of DIM (in decibels) or at least specify what the current dim value is.

    12: In ganging, the addition of a “reverse link” for the panning, sometimes a normal link is preferred, sometimes a reverse or mirrored link.

    13: OOPS??
    In the setup / options for scenes, there is a function for Scene edit confirmation, when this function is on it also prompts a confirmation when pressing GO.
    the go command is not an edit is it, the function of a recall confirmation is good but separated from the edit confirmation.

    I would like to have the following here, 1 selectable option for scene edit confirmation, and a second selectable option for scene recall confirmation.

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    Good list.

    Big ones are #8 and #13.
    To add to #11 – I’d like to see a simple limiter built in. I always have to use a channel for TB because I (or the SM) never know how loud they’re yelling into people’s IEMs… The Midas Pro series has that (just a one-knob limiter) and it’s brilliant!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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