32 channel limit on i/o port patch page?

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    Hi all,
    I’m trying to figure out how to patch from my SQ5 to a Waves Soundgrid server.
    I saw in one of the A&H videos from Keith that when patching to i/o ports, he recommends to keep a 1-1 mapping of SQ channels and outboard channels or it gets confusing.
    Agreed. I get that and it’s fine for insert sends and returns for channels 1-32.

    But the i/o port tab on the patch matrix only offers 32 channels. So what happens when I want to also send a AUX such as a reverb to Waves?
    I’m not inserting on that AUX to send to waves so, far as I can see, the only way I can address the waves port is through the i/o patch matrix. But that matrix only goes to 1-32.. not 1-64.. so to send my aux I must use one of the 1-32 channels… let’s say I use 31-32. And perhaps I have some other Aux and some Groups to send as well. I can’t patch these input channels 1-1 anymore.

    I have enough channels – I can see that: I can use the Waves i/o range 33-64 for the inserts on my SQ channels 1-32 to keep it regular (i.e a 32 channel offset) and keep 1-32 of the patch bay free for group sends or group inserts and aux sends but it does make it a bit harder as I don’t do 32 offsets in my head really well.

    Why does the patch bay only present 32/32 on a 64/64 card? Is there a setting somewhere- I’m pretty sure I have looked everywhere?
    Or am I thinking about this wrong?


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @WaihekeSoundie

    The SLink and IO Port tabs have 4 pages of 32 sockets each.
    To access each page just touch the tab multiple times to cycle through them ( https://youtu.be/GxMyrGDmLIE?t=88 )

    Hope this helps!


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    Ah! Thanks Keith.. that’s so helpful thank you

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