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    Sorry, but I’m a prof since 30 years. I’m called by a customer to solve difficult sound problems. And often we have no time to fix sound-bugs in bad sound designed rooms.

    So a solution must be managed very fast. There is no better way to get more headroom if you use a feed-back-killer. No mixer offers 24 notch-filters. And often we need more than 12.

    Turn some knobs and the problem is killed. I use this units to kill feedbacks in conferenes, presentations…..

    Using convenient digital equipment has nothing to do with bad training or amateurs. It’s simply the future.

    Sorry, but time is money.

    Albert – Citysound Germany

    Citysound Germany
    Gld 80……..

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    I know that training is a better answer, but sometimes in a church scenario, the system gets used by people who are never going to be sound engineers. A little bit of help for those folks would be useful.



    Originally posted by Citysound

    Whats about a Feedbackdestroyer…it will be a nice and usefull effekt….A lot of problems would be terminated. Its very useful for conferences, in churches and other bad sounddesigned rooms.

    Citysound Germany
    Gld 80……..

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    Hmmm, no answer to this one. I agree, a feedback destroyer would be very nice. I am a pro sound engineer and I have several venues I regularly work in that are feedback nightmares, even though I know the rooms. A feedback destroyer would be very helpful and nice.

    And yes, it helps a lot with the amature or fledgling mixers.

    PeRoMo Sound

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    Compared to having smooth fades on scene changes – low priority. Will be overused by armatures and never used by pros…


    GLD80, AR2412, 2xAR84, Dante, GLD Remote

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    I made bad expriences with a Feedbackdestroyer running in automatic mode. That could destroy the whole sound during a running show! But what i realy like is setting a couple of fixed notch filters during soundcheck. That’s the way i have used my old DEQ-2496. (Yes i know… Behringer. But it realy does a good job for this.)

    In the moment i feel fine with the GEQ and the RTA on every output channel. The notch filters will maybe usefull on difficult jobs like a choir in a small bar.

    GLD 112, AR2412, AR84, DANTE

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    I’m new here, but I agree, a feedback destroyer for churches is a great idea because they all think they know what sounds good and none of them know a lick of what they’re doing. Trust me those venues are the worst because how can you tell a 70 year old man of god that he’s wrong, impossible.

    Lucky we live in Hawaii

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    That’s not the issue in this case though, there will be a wide range of opinions on what sounds “good” but everyone will agree that feedback is “bad”.

    Where it might help is with situations where the system has about 1-2dB of gain-before-feedback left and nobody’s noticed the slight ringing on the end of all the words. Can an automated feedback destroyer do anything about that, when there’s only an very small amount of feedback?


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    My experience with using them on Sabines and driveracks has been more of a sales tool that practical use. Maybe some help, but like someone mentioned, more pros won’t use them. We usually know how to deal with it. Well designed system and choice of speakers, placement, height etc. go a long way to keep that problem to a minimum..

    There are situations where it might save some HF drivers. I replaced all the HF drivers in a church last year where a lacy was singing for a funeral with no audio person in the booth. She walked out in front of the casket area and the system took off. No one to turn it down. Blew all the diaphragms. Costly error. Also system had been eq’d with basically a ‘smiley face’ so HF was hyped. I corrected that. I did not install this system. Maybe an auto FB controller may have helped in this case of unattended operation…

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    To a greater or lesser degree, anyone is capable of learning how to operate a system without major problems. If there’s a fixable problem that the user can’t fix, education will be much more useful than a “plugin” on the console.

    “We just lost all the HF drivers, lets educate ourselves about why that happened so that it can be avoided in the future”


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