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    We did one outdoor Jazz concert last Tuesday, AR2412 and one AR84. We multitrack recorded via Dante for a good test of our recording system. Also the first event using the GLD Remote. The event went smoothly despite a few sprinkles.

    Second event was a large live sound recording at a church. We used just about “everything”. AR2412, 2 AR84’s, Dante network to two Macbook Pro laptops with Firewire external hard drives. Recorded using Reaper. For this production we were using 45 channels, recorded 42 tracks plus Main L/R and a Matrix L/R over Dante for a total of 46 tracks. About 3 hours of material recorded. No glitches and the live part of the event was great. GLD Remote worked great again and allowed two of us to be working the practice songs…

    All on Version 1.2…..


    GLD80, AR2412, 2xAR84, Dante

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    nice to hear!
    had as well a great GLD-Weekend with a few minutes of freaking out…

    Was a small Openair with a total of 7Bands and a few other show’s on stage! I thought i gonna update my GLD to 1.2 – did it – reloaded my standard-show-file and….. the console freezed…
    i always read the news in this forum and i didn’t figured it out why it was happened.. so restartet the console… reload my show-file… freezed! (That was the point i freaked out… and i was thinking about to call my dealer to get a spare one!) But.. i was trying it again.. restarted the console… started with default setting.. amde a little test if audio comes thru the console… everything worked… then i started setting up my standard show-file based on the default.. i went to the I/O Tab.. routed the USB to Stereo-Group1… and then i realized what happened.. log-file filled up.. touchscreen freezed…! The problem mentioned in an other thread with the “inserting” to a group that made the console stuck! After that and a few more minutes building up my show-file (without inserting USB to a Group! ;D) everything worked perfect! Great audio, fast fader and unbelievable easy to use (as well for guest-sound-engineers)! Can’t wait for the next Update that my inserting works again! (and the offline editor ;D)

    cheers and great work A&H!

    GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16

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    And the new de-eser is great. I had it indicating 12 -15 dB of reduction without it sounding like the speaker had a lisp. [:D] Just took the hiss of the end of esses (sp?).


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