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    I may be missing something here but I do not think so.

    I am running GLD80 version 1.20.

    I use many scenes in a show. Sometimes as many as 170 scenes. I am looking to be able to drop in anywhere in my scene list by scrolling to it, on the touch panel press “recall” and then “go”. So far no problem. I then want to simply “Go” to the next scene with a single button push and have the active scene memory highlighted on the screen.

    It was not possible with V1.10, 1.11 or 1.12. Now it seems I still cannot simply find a soft key option that is “Next and Go” RELIABLY as well as indicate what scene I am on.

    Presently I am able to select/recall/go to a scene. Then jumping to the next scene requires TWO key strokes of the soft key to increment the memories but highlight the scene I am not on. Subsequent scene recalls require only one stroke to perform “Next and Go”.

    Can there be an option added to the soft keys for “Next and Go” and “Previous and Go” while showing where you presently are in the scene list?

    The option for auto increment is not logical. I simply want to go from where I am now to the next scene and have it “Go” with one soft key press regardless of how I got to the scene I am presently on.

    This will eliminate the present situation where the next scene is sometimes one keystroke away and sometimes two keystrokes away. Also sometimes it shows where you are now and sometimes it shows where you will be if you press F10 another time.

    In the heat of a fast paced show not remembering if I have to press once or twice is a bitch.

    If I need two keystrokes and I only press once nothing happens. If I press twice while only one stroke is required I skip the scene I really needed. What scene is highlighted? This one or next one.

    “Next and Go” if you please. And please highlight only where I am NOW. I can look up and down the scene list if needed.

    A simple way to reproduce this is to:
    Set up/Soft Keys/Soft 10
    Mode = Go
    Auto Increment = ON

    Store 6 scenes. Scene 1 has only channel 1 fader up at unity all others off. Scene 2 has only fader 2 up. all others off. Continue that pattern until you have 6 scene memories saved.

    Press function “Scenes”. On the touchscreen scene 1 “Recall” and “Yes”. Scene 1 is highlighted and fader 1 is up. Nice!!!!

    Now press soft key 10 (once) to recall scene 2. Scene 2 is highlighted but fader 1 is still up. Huh?

    Next press soft key 10 (once) to recall scene 3. Scene 3 is highlighted but fader 2 now comes up. Oh boy!

    Thank you for letting me vent. I purchased this board because I was told this would be fixed by maintenance release V1.10 but to no avail.

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    Hi John,

    I think the issue here is that the auto-increment option on the go soft-key does the recall and then increments to the next scene, not the other way around. I have put the request to do “next” and then do the “recall” on the feature request list.

    Antony Jackson
    Software Manager
    Allen & Heath Limited

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    I appreciate your speedy response.

    We may be saying the same thing in different ways. So at the risk of being redundant:

    Set up Soft 10 to advance (increment) to the next stored scene, recall it and take that scene. FYI: I also set up Soft 1 to decrement the memories similar to Soft 10 incrementing. I usually only increment but want decrement handy for rehearsal.

    Then, in operation;
    Choose any scene saved in the scene memories by any number of methods presently available to the GLD80 user. Have the presently active scene be highlighted.

    Pressing soft 10. I would expect GLD to:
    1- Advance the highlighted scene to the next saved scene (skipping unused scenes as it does now).
    2- Activate everything saved in that memory (faders, routing, etc).
    3- Highlight the newly active scene indicating where you are NOW.
    4- Move the active scene number to the center of the window on the touch panel (as it does now).

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    Hey All,

    Yes I too find this method so far to be a bit sketchy.
    My alternative however might be more work though, but more reliable and actually more useful than just running scenes on the desk alone.

    I am trying to implement running Q-Lab for shows, so that I can sit down through tech prep days in theatre and the stage manager can walk us through “scenes” – where we can program Q-lab to fire out midi commands of “Mute & Fade,” to all aspects of the desk – including control of effects too.

    Trouble is – when I try to send midi out commands from qlab (after learning the midi commands in q-lab)… the faders lock up and nothing can be done with the desk manually until such times as q-lab is disengaged.

    I don’t have these problems with the LS9-32 and q-lab using the same setup workflow – strange that I can’t yet get it to work on the GLD80.

    Ideally what would be great would be if I could use something like a simple Akai MPD26 Pad midi controller , then split the midi so that one set of midi control goes to the lighting board to trigger lighting cues, and another set of information would control the scene ques on the GLD.

    That way I could do shows and only be have as involved as before – more overseeing show operation like in the way I use q-lab

    A&H GLD80, AR2412 & Dante Card x 2
    Korg M50, Novation SL25 MKII, Akai MPD26
    Logic Studio 9, Reason 6.5, Ableton 8

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