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    Originally posted by AndyH

    Hi MoreTalentPlease,

    That could be useful. Could you contact UK A&H Support (, to arrange sending it. Plus include any additional information like when the issue started and if there is anything else required to cause the problem.


    Hi Andy!
    After crashing down my GLD completely (by changing the IP-address…[:I] ) I could “reanimate” it and with the Release 1.11 it is fast booting and stable again.
    No issue with any usbstick anymore… [:)]

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    I Just Experienced the same problem with my console freezing.
    I am running V1.3 of the firmware and did not have a USB stick in the console. I just ignored it and finished out service. We have people renting our building after us and I stayed for their service to show their sound guy the new gear and how to use it. After they finished their sound check i went to save a scene for their band and all of the previous scenes diapered off the list and the scene i was trying to save wouldn’t save. I then went to reset the console and it froze on a an error screen. so I had to do a hard reset.

    I just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem with firmware V1.3 installed?

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    I’m running an GLD 112 with firmware 1.3. Yesterday the screen was frozen for 2 times in about half an hour! I was not in a live situation. Just playing with the desc. So i restarted the console with the power switch! After the second freeze the console wokrs fine.

    No USB connected! No expansion card. Only AR-2412->AR-84 connected.

    I think this is getting a major incident for A&H! That should not happen in a live situation!!!

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    Can I suggest that if your desk ever freezes that you capture the logs and send them to A&H via the support portal on the website. Otherwise they will never be able to investigate and actually fix the issues.

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    Quite natural! I will sent the log to A&H. But there is nothing special in it. Maybe it is possible to start the console in some kind of debug mode to get more log information or there are more log files in the underlying unix system. I will help where i can. In my second live i’m a computer scientist an i know how hard this problems can be. So if there is a way to send a system image to A&H i would do so.

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    for what it’s worth, I had something very similar to this happen to my Qu-16. I suspect some flakiness in the USB/Network area. Midi implementation is very weird, seems like beta to me.

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    after updating to version 1.3 I have serious problems.
    I just “degraded” to version 1.22 now they are over.

    I had no usb-stick in my GLD80

    This is part of the logfile:
    Flush failed, /dev/ah_usb_dsp, No such device (../../iGL/trunk/Common/Audio/USBManager.cpp:309)

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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