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    Will be able to play and record from/to usb stick.
    seems like 12 outputs. inputs?
    As someone here already suggested there is a dedicated monitor output on UTP probably for monitoring system aka aviom to come.
    I suppose it wil be a different firmware than the existing ilive range.( or even better: same firmware and we will be able to record/play to usb in the future[8D]
    When counting displays it should have at least 16 faders
    Guys i am really guessing here[:D]

    Slick design, Way to go A&H !!!
    I already own a R72 and i am happy with it, so maybe not for me.


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    “professional digital mixing system at a distinctly analogue price!”

    Analogue as in Mixwizard, or Analogue as in Venice???

    Im going to speculate the following:
    24inputs + 12outputs on the mix rack,
    The expander handling an extra 8inputs and 4outputs
    Firmware will be the same as the other iLive components hopefully, to ensure it is cross compatible.
    The surface will certainly have some i/o onboard, although i wouldn’t like to guess at any more than maybe 6in / 4out to keep costs down.

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    I wondered what A&H have been working on as we haven’t had a firmware update fr a while now…


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    Think expander will be 8 in /4 out because the main rack is 3 units high and has 8 in/ 4 out per unit ( 24 inputs/12outputs ) that is something users have been asking for, a 24 input rack


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    I want one…

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    2 years ago since we talked here on the forum about dynamic eq, multiband comp an recording to a usb stick. Even a LS9 has got this. Still none of that for us. Now you can see where the R&D cash went.

    Are none of you concerned that our current Ilive consoles just took a huge price drop?

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    We don’t even know what the price will be. I don’t see it as price-drop, it is just another addition to the ilive range. 24/12 rack an a surface between the T80 and R72.
    don’t know if it will use the same firmware( maybe a scaled down version with 4 effect engines) Interesting: the connection is not named ACE but dSNAKE. another protocol ?
    By using the same firmware throughout the range they can cut software developing cost


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    What ever it is, I’m very interested because there is little chance of me getting $15K for the ilive for a church upgrade…but a $5k system maybe….I love the ilive features so as long as its close (which by the pics, It looks like it), I’m happy.

    The mixer does have 2 usb ports, which according to the teaser1.jpg (the touchscreen one), it plays back audio files (only 1 from the looks of it) and records 1 channel. Also tells you how much space is left on the usb stick via a progress bar (no numbers to the looks of it).

    Looks like the main brain (going along with the idr idea) has inputs 1-24 and outputs 1-12 and the expander unit has inputs 25-32 and outputs 13-16.

    4 fader banks. LCD screens on channels (Hurray!). Curious why they have a “DCA” button on a channel, but I’m sure we’ll find that out…They could be just renaming the ACE protocol to dSNAKE?? tough to say….Monitor obviously goes to either and dedicated monitor board output, or a personal mixing system.

    A&H, Can we have some higher resolution teaser pictures so we read more words on the board? :D

    Can’t wait to see/here more….if you need someone to demo the system I would love to do it!

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    @ A&H,
    looks like well designed again, chapeau!

    Really appreciate that our community get’ s more detailed information via forum, newsletter, i.e.( o.k. with NDA) instand of Public Website news.
    Has been anybody being involved in beta-testing, yet?



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    mp3 player cool……flac ? wav ?


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    This seems to be a bugdet solution, racing with LS9, Presonus, Si Compact, etc. Good thing stagebox is still remote, not sure about dsp. Transport protocol looks different from ACE, unlikely these will work with iLive.


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    It’s got to be compatible with ilive.
    Why would you not make it that way?

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    Whether or not it’s compatible with ilive, if the price is right, this could be a great deal. I’ve been wanting to see about upgrading the youth’s foh. This could be the answer. I already think the ilive is a great product for a super price, but it is a bit expensive for some situations. This new system might fill the gap. Def hope it’s in the studiolive / X32 price range. I could do some serious campaigning for one if it’s in that range. lol

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    I would agree that it is an extension of the iLive series and to answer-compete with the Soundcraft SI compact, but not as low as the Presonus. Maybe right between those two MSRP price points.
    I cannot believe that this would directly compete with the T series, and all the features we enjoy now, while risking the mid range semi pro market.
    Even if the value of the T series took a slight depreciation in value, my belief is that would just happen in a natural product life cycle scenario. Certainly not a situation if you bought a used PM3500 10 years ago, and you would have to pay the captain of a sea vessel to use it as a boat anchor.
    I am excited to see it though!
    If its does well, I think it only enhances the iLive network and we all benefit to some degree from that.

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