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    HI everybody! i have opened this topic to report & share experience of using 3rd party plugins in iLive.
    Recently I’ve got my Dante card’s & tested one with Waves Multirack,
    my MacBook 2.26ghz core duo 2g ram, connected directly to DANTE card,
    linked to network of iDR32, with iLive editor opened on it,
    DANTE settings : clock, slave t external clock checked, DVS 4ms.
    waves directly inserted to one of iLive channels with 58mic connected, later I’ve plugged bass guitar . insert level switched to -10 operating level.
    Multirack settings:
    tested with 32 buffer size = glitches & cracks & noise …
    tested with 64 buffer size = glitches & cracks less noise:)
    tested with 96 buffer size = good stable signal sometimes almost none clicks.
    tested with 128 buffer size = best results!

    about the latency : with all of the setting latency seemed to me the same, when I’ve used headphones it was uncomfortable but when i plugged to PA it wasn’t so terrible, i think aver all latency about 7 or 8 ms. dint checked that exactly because each plugin has it own delay.

    Now about the plugins :

    Delays – no problem, Reverbs = True verb-ok!, EQ’s & dynamics= SSL channel, R-channel, R-deeser, L2, L3 = worked fine but i think not so compatible for direct insert ,it could work well on Group insert or Master because of some delay.
    GTR rack plugins working very fast & good quality, possible to insert directly on guitars & basses works fine.
    DOUBLER,Morphoder,Chorus – also worked good.
    Total I’ve plugged 8 racks & with 3 plugins each and got about 70% system used.
    actually this is not what i’ve expected form DANTE, but it’s better than nothing so i’ll try to improve my system & PC, maybe PC is the problem of delay.
    Please write if somebody get the better results with other PC’s

    2x iDR32 +MADI OPTION
    desktop+2x RME HDSP MADI 2 X M DANTE CARDS

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    thanks for doing the test…
    dante anounced their pci card (does not work with laptop) wich might be the “killer solution”. they are talking about nonoseconds delay, as my idr 48 will be as well my “studio heart” i`ll probably go for that solution. so far i use altiverb (good)and vstis (no latency problems as it is midi in) such as toontracks drummer superior, vienna symphonic,and some piano sounds.

    as seen in in another thread someone is testing drumagog (drumreplacer)and i gave it a try with the demo version- not happy, then i recalled having a roland td3 (small trigger module) and gave it a try with it- killer. the reson why is that roland has the most advanced audio to trigger hardware solution on the market.

    what i did is: i created a dedicated split channel from my bassdrum input (for example) where i “made” with eq and gate a real”narrow”signal now that signal i send out on a physical output on my idr 48 into the roland td3 trigger input where it is converted to midi, really works great a test with the snare did work great as well(down to ghostnotes everything) now one might think why does he do that?? – for real room reverb – once i have my trigger set i assign a snare (for example) in toontracks drummer BUT the direct signal is muted i just use the big ambi samples for return and this gives me a reverb not even a bricasti can do as it is actually dynamically sampled snare. i am not in the studio now but i`ll upload a sample where you can hear the effect.


    ps: as i see in your specs you have madi with rme did you test this solution as well?

    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)

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    Hey, great initiative Robert!
    I will be testing something similar in the near future and posting my results here.
    Hoping this can be the temporary fix for no multiband comp in ilive.

    Dante card
    Macbook pro 17
    Ipad2 + mixpad
    Aiport express

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    yes I have tested Madi of course.
    But i had some problems because of my PC (windows based system + 2x RME HDSP Madi cards) i have used it always for multitrack recording (with Nuendo) 2,63 ghz dual core Intel 4 gig ram.
    With Waves Multirack the buffer size setting 32 samples: I’ve got no glitches and cracks but very unstable system… it worked ok for less than a minute and suddenly made very long delay about 1 sec! with some repeats
    The same result on buffer size 65, 96, on 128 little bit better, the delay effect appeared after 3 or 5 minutes ..
    at this point a have ended my experiments with Madi.
    Dante worked & working much more stable, and somehow it has less delay over all setup than Madi (this is my personal impression)

    1+ for multiband comp!!! in iLIVE! , the C4 & C6 works fine with Dante, i think it will work ok on the deep stage about 4 or 5m, for better results you need to calculate exactly delay on this plugin, convert to meters then setup the Drum kit in that distance from FOH, probably it should work:)

    2x iDR32 +MADI OPTION
    desktop+2x RME HDSP MADI 2 X M DANTE CARDS

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    SOME news from Live shows with 3d p-ty plugins!
    For last week i had 4 live gigs with all band members (we are touring with 14 musicians on the stage)
    i have plugged my MacBook with 50m cat5 cable, editor run on same cable, monitor engineer uses another MacBook w/editor wifi router plugged to same network.
    The stages about 15x10m some of them were open air.
    I’ve used: iTunes to play some loops for the show dante chanels 1&2
    Wawes Multirack 96buffersize, dante chanels 3&4, with L3 on the drum group insert works very good!:)
    dante chanel 5 with L2 on the bass!
    dante chanel 6 with GTR rack on the guitar! amzing:)


    2x iDR32 +MADI OPTION
    desktop+2x RME HDSP MADI 2 X M DANTE CARDS

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    Do you have no problems with the latency when you use it this way?

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