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    Here is what I have. Two T112 consoles and two ID48 racks. I need to send talkback from front of house down the chain into stage monitors. Can this be done? If so, how is it routed? Is it assignable through the talkback section or do I go to an input on the back of the desk? Note that I am using a separate T112 for monitors. Thank you!

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    Ok I’m not pretending to know much about this but couldn’t you just “MIX” the TB on the FOH Desk through an “AUX” Dedicated for TB take the Coresponding Output on the ID48 Rack and patch that Directly into teh TB input on the MONITORS DESK.

    This (In My Mind) Would Work if all you want to do is Talk to All Monitors at once
    I have no idea how to even attemp to Rig it to Allow the FOH Desk to Select individual Monitors to Talk to

    But thats just my Thoughts on it

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    If you press “mixrack” on the buttons below the touchscreen there is a button which says talk back and you just assign where you want the signal from the talkback mic on the desk to go.Alternatively in editor there is a button for talkback assign

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    You can use the talkback section, route the talkback input to an unused aux (FOH console) and patch it to an input (MON console).

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    other tools to bare in mind for comms applications:

    You can send any input mic signal direct to an output socket or an ACE channel without assigning to a input channel. For example its already your talkback mic source just patch out onto the outputs going to the other mix rack. So you can patch this mic signal direct to the other console without blowing a mix or input channel.

    Each mix has an external input if you wish to plumb a comm line to a mix permanently.
    Obviously any source can go into the external PAFL input too. So you can talk direct to the engineer if he has ear buds in or is wedged.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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