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    1. Playback and or recording from a USB stick.

    2. When you press “mix” on an Aux strip, PLEASE make the input channel LCD flash or something to let you know you are adjusting the Aux sends and NOT the mains. I know the LCD says Aux, but it is to hard to tell what mode you are in.

    3. Have the LCD flash when you press the “Sel” button, that way you always know what channel is selected.

    4. We need way more options for the softkeys.

    5. Games, games, games

    6. Screen saver option, it would be cool to have a picture slide show or company logo.

    7. The numbering on the T series mix rack is STUPID!! Why are the inputs labeled like cards (A 1-8, B 1-8 etc…) The outputs are labeled the same. PLEASE do NOT ship anymore with this STUPID labeling. It should me labeled 1-48. I see no reason to have this STUPID labeling system as the mix rack is non-configurable.

    8. a softkey button that can put ALL the faders on layer. So If I want all of the faders on layer B, all I should have to do is press on button instead of pressing multiple buttons.

    9. Input voltage meter would be kinda cool.

    10. Time mode change to 2:00PM rather then the hour “military” style.

    11. See point #1

    *** An option in the configuration menu to turn the flashing of selected channels or aux mode on/off would be a good idea.

    I do have more ideas, but it would require hardware upgrades, like a retractable hood over the LCD display, onboard CD player/recorder, XLR’s on the surface, built-in UPS they are so cheap and should have been intergrated, TB input at the BACK of the console and top, Headphone jack should have been closer to the bottom of the desk and not in the middle there is no need to have the headphone cable running over the faders and same goes with the TB mic, why is there not a “tour pack” option with roadcases??? Built-in LED light or jack for a light on the mix rack to help see the channel numbering, Backlit buttons for the buttons under the touch screen.

    These are just my suggestions after owning one for just 5 hours! I think this console is AMAZING and love it so far. I would like to see further software upgrades and I understand that the hardware upgrades would offset the objective of making a cost sensitive T series console, but I would be willing to spend some extra $$ for an upgrade kit.

    All-in-all, I love this desk.

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    Yeah! what Jellomello sez!

    And also can we have a toastie sandwich maker built in under the eq section, a follow spot turret built on top of the limiter section and a coffee machine instead of the touchscreen?


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    To clear things up a bit. I said a retractable hood over the touch screen. That would be useful for blocking out sun light during outdoor gigs.

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    a tourmanager mute button
    a general “bitching” mute button
    pizza oven
    a “sounds very expencive” preset
    a “sounds very cheap” preset
    a “i was a punk before you was a punk” button
    a -3000db auto limiter (starts working when the band sucks)
    a house on the beach[;)]


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    Um… right… where to start…
    The ink just ran out my pen and I’m fresh out of paper [:D]

    Thanks for the ideas guys, some good ones in there, and clearly some of you have way too much time on your hands when you are mixing! We are already working on the ‘general bitching mute’ button, will try it out here very soon for sure [}:)]

    To pick up on your point 7 about the numbering Jello, we left the socket identification as it appears on iLive so the T is consistent with the iDR10 modular rack. All the racks and surfaces are interchangeable, or they soon will be once we release the ACE card option for iLive. You will be able to mix and match the iLive and T Series hardware and use your Show memories on either system. They both run the same firmware so the identification and terminology does need to be the same.

    The other point is that the sockets (preamps) can be soft patched to any of the 64 DSP channels so that socket C8 (24) may not in fact always go to channel 24, for example FOH and monitor channels splitting, or cross patching to match a stage plot. Of course, if you want to work with a one to one mapping or use conventional socket numbering you could fit label strips above the sockets to number them 1 to 48.

    The recent 1.4 firmware introduced more options for the softkeys, and we are working on plenty more. All ideas suggested here will also be considered for future release. An option to link selected fader banks is already being worked on as are many of the ideas you and other users have been requesting. We are having quite a job keeping our design team out of the kitchen as they keep going in there to measure the coffee machine… [;)]

    Thanks again for the suggestions, all very helpful to us as we work through our ongoing program of firmware releases as iLive develops. We would be happy to explore some of them in more detail here if you want.

    Now… back to that coffee machine [^]

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    Originally posted by Carey D

    We would be happy to explore some of them in more detail here if you want.

    Yes we want! [:)] Please tell us more about coming updates….[:p]

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    Can the rack be made to export all 48 inputs over ACE, and is ACE ethernet (As opposed to just cat 5) based?

    I ask because if the answer to both is yes, then a very interesting possibility might exist – could you could split the ace signal with a suitable ethernet switch and then record all the audio inputs directly into a PC with a simple dumb ethernet card?

    Granted monitoring on the PC gets tricky due to timing issues, but just recording what is on the line should be almost trivial?

    Possibly an ASIO driver that can record from ACE?

    Any chance of a protocol document for the control side? I want to write a Cadac SAM clone.

    Regards Dan (Who should hopefully be placing an order for a 112T and 48 way rack within a week).

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    1jellomello, I think you should have bought an I-Live not a T-Series. A lot of your requests are for features that are in the I-Live and are what makes it a more expensive / flexible option.

    I would vote for leaving the channel naming the same as the I-Live and as Carey says, it makes it portable between the big rack and the T-Series.

    One thought is to potentially go down a ‘modular’ software architecture approach and opening up the system to allow 3rd party apps and plugins. Then if someone wants something wacky, they can write their own module to do that function.

    You could have a ‘Certified A&H application’ program so that 3rd party developers could have their apps tested and evaluated by A&H (for a fee) and then the user community would know it was reliable.

    I see a huge potential for this on effects front, perhaps even specialist EQ plugins etc. Or new control protocols. For example, if A&H released a control API then anyone could implement their own control protocol to take advantage of this.

    hmmm, the possibilities are endless :)

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    Hi all,
    I know ‘channel numbering problem’. I think we should prepare stickers allowing fast change of numbering style. For me, there is no difference is it B2 or 10. It also can be a complex number, only thing – it should be sequential.
    Megalimiter with 3k dB gain reduction will be fine of course (but needs a 500bit processor), but maybe some kind of band compressor/limiter instead of this dream limiter?
    Expanding mumus wish-list I’ll add ‘Better’ knob with possibility to set on 11 (in scale of 10). And my lovely dBh (decibellhour) meter. ‘We can play longer or louder for the same price!’ (:
    ‘Small preset’ function – allows to quick store settings of one aux and recall it remotely (by PL-6 i.e.). We can give PL-6s to musicians, set levels and store up to 16 ‘small scenes’ for different songs. Then a musician can switch it during the show, allowing us not to leave conversations with our coffee machine (:
    Best regards,


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    Yes, it is important we keep in close range of the coffee machine. To this end we plan to make the Scene system more ‘granular’ in a future version of firmware. For example, you could store just the mix settings of one monitor mix. You can already assign PL buttons to recall scenes, so this function could be given to the musician. We need to explore the ability for the musician to store these scenes to completely manage their own mix, or it may be better to leave the coffee machine minder to manage that task [8D]

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