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    We have an upcoming gig where we’re going to need a Qu-32 for the majority of acts, and a sidecar Qu-16 to cope with one “turn” that’s physically located in not quite the same space.
    Now we’re well up on using the iPad and iPhone apps and well beyond rookie level with Ethernet networking.
    Basically you can talk to us like grown-ups with all that network stuff.
    So here we go.
    While we’re very aware that firmware v1.7 allows us two iPads to address one mixer, is it possible to connect TWO mixers to the same wireless network, and then iPad control them separately over the same Wi-Fi channel?
    Our current wireless router is a dual-band Gigabit one with 300Mbps data rate on each frequency, so it’s unlikely that will be a stumbling block.
    We’re comfortable with any IP addressing issues either using the router for DHCP or allocating fixed IP addresses if necessary.
    Where we see the potential snag is possibly in the iPad app, where on connecting to the network, it can’t differentiate between the two Qu mixers.
    We THINK we can see a possible workaround by using 2.4GHz for one mixer and 5GHz for the other, where we configure MAC filtering in the router to isolate the devices from each other.
    Then we’d lock the respective iPads to each network.
    Our biggest PITA is that we’re not going to get all the kit in the same place until 24 hours before the event, so until then we’re making educated guesses.
    Are we talking total bo**ocks here, or has anyone else been down this route in some shape or form and can offer useful hints and tips?
    We can fall back to using separate routers on different channels (the location is thankfully Wi-Fi barren!)

    Oh and did I forget to mention that we have 16 Sennheiser radio-mic receivers and 4 IEM transmitters potentially sharing the same Ethernet network for their IP-addressable control?

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    On the basis that it offers a list, and the name of the mixer I think that, bandwidth aside, you should be fine.

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    That was my initial conclusion too, but as I indicated, without the assembled hardware it’s not so easy.
    In the case of a Qu-32 working with a Qu-16 I can see how the app can differentiate from the default device names.
    However, just to play Devil’s advocate here, and admittedly without the hardware on hand to tinker, just supposing that this scenario was using two Qu-24s, can they be renamed in network terms to establish unique sources?
    Hands up for being lazy here, I know this could be sorted out easily, but all of my kit is presently ensconced in its warehouse!

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    P60 of the v1.7 manual: Setup>Control>Network.

    Here you can give each Qu its own name, which should make them easy to differentiate between when deciding which you want to connect to.

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    One thought – the QU traffic is potentially broadcast, which would mean that each QU would be receiving the traffic form the other as well, so bandwidth in the air might not be the only concern?

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    no broadcast… you think multicast… but it’s not

    even if so the router decides wich device is getting wich signals

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    The switch does – assuming it’s a switch, not a hub (rare in Gbit), and assuming that the data isn’t broadcast.

    I’ve not sniffed the traffic – it was a “how would I send metering data to 8 devices” question.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi all,

    I often set up several Qu, GLD and iLive mixers on the same Wi-Fi network for demo or tradeshow purposes. Never had an issue.
    You can name mixers as reported above. With Qu, the easiest setup is to leave everything on DHCP, then just pick the mixer name from the login list.

    I wouldn’t use the 2.4GHz/5GHz trick – I noticed the iPad can jump from one to the other depending on signal strength. Better to stick to one network, whichever works best depending on interference and range.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you Nicola and everyone else who responded!
    Good news that what we thought we could do can actually be done satisfactorily.

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