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Chris. I currently carry a pair of Genelec monitors. I use a RANE stereo 1/3oct EQ from the IEM socket out to it, then to speakers. It’s just to tweak the speakers a little for the room I am in. Location work. I have a special tuning setup I run using filtered 1/3oct noise. Developed by a friend of mine years ago. I compare that to just straight pink noise out of the console read on a 1/3oct analyzer.

I understand the method you describe. I usually have the channels. Just never like to add more in the chain if I don’t have to. Latency is not a real problem since for TV I usually have to add 1.5-2.5 frames of delay anyway. Modern digital video switchers and other gear build up delay. We usually just do a test before showtime with a tight shot and have someone speak and I dial in the delay visually to get close.