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Well. I wasn’t going to jump into this but what the heck. I have been dealing with this stuff from day one. I have been doing audio for darn near 50 yrs. I have just about seen it all. I will say this. I love working with the AH consoles. I have worked with other brands too but sell AH.

That said I have also been in live sound and owned a commercial Nashville studio for many years. I have used the worst and the best. I still own some of the best EQs and compressors ever made.
I have yet to find anything digital that sounds as good to me. All dig consoles for the most part are cleaner but are sterile. The sound of the EQs and compressors doesn’t come close to the analog, in a box world. Sorry. I and other veteran engineers and mixers somewhat agree. I used to mix albums with many boxes patched. Then after late 90’s got into PT mixing. In the box with plugins. I never ever felt I achieved the sound I once had. I went back and started integrating LA2’s and 3’s and 1176’s and Lexicon 480L verbs. It changed everything.
Some might disagree. That’s fine. I just know what I heard.
All that to say. There is not an ounce worth of difference in most of the plugins on all current consoles. I mean ALL. Not just AH. But, I love the boards and am selling them to all new installs.