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Who says that 3ms is the maximum acceptable for musicians?
All of the published research I have seen suggests anything up to 10ms is imperceptible and that even the most highly trained ears could not detect below 8ms.

I still have to question why this type of outboard processing would be required on a small venue stage. On a large stage perhaps, but on a large stage a much higher tolerance for latency is acceptable due to the inherent acoustic latency on the stage anyway.

If you’re operating in a small venue and you need to rely on external eq and compressor plugins to solve your audio problems over and above what is available on the ilive then I’d suggest your doing something very wrong or the artist is a particularly poor performer that even external plugins are unlikely to solve.

I remember in my younger days playing a trick on an artist I was good friends with during sound check and putting a delay on his vocal mic. I got it all the way up to 18ms before he started to trip up and it was 35ms before he looked at me and started thinking I was doing something funny.

I personally think the problem is being overstated and the technology probably being applied in the wrong circumstances or just for the sake of technology in this case.
Perhaps I’m just a little old school though and tend to keep things simple and clean.