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Originally posted by luces

Good day and thanks for the forums. I am hoping to glean a bit more info and some pre purchase guidance. All help is greatly appreciated.

We are a live band that plays approx 210 gigs a year and we play small pubs to big outdoor festivals. Some of these gigs are semi permanent and some are one nighters. We need a system with FOH Mix and four seperate monitor mixes. We are all using in ear monitors.

We need at least 24 channels of ins and mixing capability. We are considering the R72 desk and the iDR32 mixrack.

Now to the questions:Regarding the R72 and the system in general:

1 My understanding is that the Cat5 only handles commands from the R72 and does not actually send/rec. audio. Is that correct?

2 If so, how does the FOH hear audio when he is soloing an instrument?

3 How many FX engines are included in the iDR32? I use the term engines because I am familiar with the Yamaha 01V96 as that is our current console. We need a minimum of 3 Stereo FX Processors. Is the iDR32 capable of this?

4 We are currently using a MixWizard for our monitor board and while it is great we would like to get rid of it. So what do we need to run monitors on stage? Do we need another surface or would the PL remotes work for us?

5 If we decide to keep the MixWizard,could we just send direct outs from the iDR32 into the MixWizard?

I am sure that I will have more questions as I study the possibilties more,however,I think this is all I can think of for now.

So based on the provided info,would someone please suggest a simple and complete system for our needs?

Thanks VERY much!!!!


Hey Luces, we’re presently on tour with just the set-up you describe….i.e. R-72 and iDR32 mixrack monitors from the same mixrack sharing pre amp gain but with separate trims….monitors from a pc (wired ) and a mac (wireless), its works beautifully, you probably won’t need the mixwizard …..with the ipad its even better……

hope this helps