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    I have a ZEDi-10fx, purchased around 2019-ish.

    Intermittently, the left channel doesn’t work. It happens increasingly more often as time goes on.
    This applies to speakers and headphones.
    While the symptom is present, only the right channel meter shows any movement on the mixer (while the left channel doesn’t light up at all).

    My typical setup (outside of troubleshooting):
    – Windows -> USB -> ZEDi10fx (with ST3 selected in the OS)
    – If I’m doing something on Ableton, I’ll switch over to my Mac using the same setup.

    Troubleshooting items I’ve tried already:
    – Checked settings on the unit itself. Without touching any settings, the left channel will occasionally work for awhile and it eventually drops out.
    – Tried ST2 and ST3.
    – 2 new USB cables (short, known working with other equipment).
    – Routed USB and speaker cables elsewhere (to rule out interference, but really there is nothing so severe here and it didn’t make a difference).
    – Different speakers (known working).
    – Different speaker cables (confirmed old ones worked as well, plus swapped those for other known working cables).
    – Tried headphones (yes, they’re stereo as is the plug).
    – Reinstalled drivers (I already had latest version installed previously, but did a clean install just in case).
    – Tried different operating systems (windows 10, windows 11 Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04).
    – Tried a different computer entirely (macOS Montery 12.5).
    – Tried a different mixer (not the ZEDi-10FX), both channels worked no problem.
    – Mono devices (warm audio amp, guitar) send through BOTH channels; panning has zero effect (always comes through both).

    Note that my troubleshooting list is not in order (as I’ve done these individually and also in combination for testing).

    I’m not sure what else to try here. Any recommendations from A&H or other knowledgeable folks?
    I’d really like to believe this mixer isn’t going bad after such a short time of use.

    Thanks everyone.

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