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    Hi A&H Community!

    I recently moved on from my beloved 62 to a 92 mixer which i bought secondhand.
    After just a couple of hours of use channel 1 failed working properly and this very strange
    electric-ground-failure sound appeared both with and without anything connected. Everything else on the mixer works properly its just the ch.1 and its phono/line lamp that fails to work. The lamp is completely dead not alternating between red/green like the other channels. I’ll attach links where the noise from ch.1 can be heard both with and without music playing.

    Unfortunately the local service shop is closed due to retirement of personel so I’ts not very convenient for me to have someone else look at it. My experience of electronics consist of opening up and cleaning and replacing easy parts without having to use a multimeter and search for issues on boards or in connections. So my idea is to try and fix this myself and I would appreciate if someone could give me a clue where to start. My quick guess would be that it has to do something with the voltage input to ch.1 or some resistor maybe? I’ve cleaned knobs and connections but it does not seem to help. The sound that dirty faders and knobs usually make is not similar to the existing one in my opinion. I have a friend who is an electrician who can assist me on this journey so that I do not blow anything up!



    with music:


    without music:


    (variation in pitch comes from me turning the gain knob)

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