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    There have been many request’s for a variety of feature suggestions .. another update would be a nice belated Christmas Present.

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    davyd here from NZ. AN update? Yes with subgroups…..
    and also a digital split ?
    I can not see why the AR24 couldnt be used for a digital split into another QU16?
    I have a large event coming up where I would normally use 2X GL2800’s 40 channel split for monitor & FOH… I have already got 2 QU16. Brilliant small. One of Gods little gems I personally think. Been waiting a long time for simplicity like this. Question. I am wanting to digitally split at stage. I notice you can plug in a ME1 into the AR24 stage box
    Also can plug in an MU Ethernet hub? Is there any way to get a digital split from the AR24? If I plug the ME output port into an QU16 will the QU16 ”see” the split? I am good friends with the Jansen Team in NZ however they are on holiday.. I didnt go the iLive way…Been Heavily involved in large analogue setups, and do use use a GSR24 of which I developed my own Reaper Templates etc.. Hope you can help. I would dearly like to be able to use multiple of these QU16’s cheers. 3 for FOH (32 surface channels) just patched via analogue into center unit and 2 QU16’s for foldback. Dose this make sense to you? From davyd hodge https://www.soundandlight.co.nz

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    Long list of QEC and Channel presets
    One of the things that I would really like is QEC and Channel presets for a long list of mics, pickups, instruments etc. like the Bose T1 that is basically a 4 channel digital mixing table for the Bose L1, L2 and compact systems.

    With the firmware update the QEC and Channel presets feature is available but there are just three examples for QEC and Channel presets.

    From a commercial point of view this would be a good move I think because it makes the use of the table much more easier, having a proper starting point to work from even if you are not a well trained and experienced sound engineer.

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    it does not makes sense
    go get an iLive or GLD for your big event, your nerves will like this more…

    what do you talk about?? I start with totally flat EQ on most of the channels!
    Just use high pass filter all the time.
    The very good audio quality and to choose the right microphone for the source,
    is the key to good sounding mixes.
    If your mix sounds good in head phones then you “just” have to tune your PA system,
    to make it sound good to the others around you. You have the tools…
    That means take some time to make your PA system and the wedges sound as linear as possible….

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    Oh I forgot…

    my upper statement doesn’t mean that I don’t use presets…
    To tune tha PA for one room and one system is perfect for storing this information in your preset library.
    Next time same place means one more capuccino at the bar during setup… 🙂

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    @steffenromeiss, what I’m talking about is what seems to be a success for the Bose T1. If you (not “you” in person but “you” as a phrase to address everybody) use a certain mic or pick-up or guitar or whatever you just pic the brand and type from a list and the settings are “ideal” for that certain piece of gear/equipment. One can live without but it certainly is a helpful feature for those who are not that experienced as you seem to be or those (like me being the session leader of Acoustic Open Mic sessions) who uses the Qu-16 in situations with stage changes every 15 minutes with little time for breaks and solving surprises. From a hardware point of view everything is in place to add a long list of PEQ and Channel presets to the Qu-16 for those who wants to use it and see the benefits. Just to give you an impression: this is the preset list of the Bose Tonematch device. I hope you appreciate my explanation.

    ToneMatch® presets
    Print Window
    Close Window

    00 Flat
    Vocal Mics
    01 Handheld Mics
    02 Headworn Mics
    03 Vocal Mic Hi Gain, Bright
    04 Vocal Mic Hi Gain, Normal
    05 Audix OM-5
    06 Audix OM-6
    07 Beyer M88
    08 Crown CM-310/CM-311
    09 ElectroVoice N/D357
    10 ElectroVoice N/D767
    11 ElectroVoice N/D967 w/highpass filter
    12 Neumann KMS105
    13 Shure SM57
    14 Shure SM58
    15 Shure Beta 57A
    16 Shure Beta 58A
    17 Shure Beta 87A
    18 Sennheiser e855
    19 Sennheiser MD431-II
    20 Sennheiser MD441
    21 Audix OM-2
    22 Audix OM-3
    23 Audix VX-5
    24 Audix VX-10
    Electric Guitars
    25 Electric Guitar Direct
    26 Miked Guitar Amp w/SM57, Rumbly
    27 Miked Guitar Amp w/SM57, Normal
    28 Fender Stratocaster
    29 Fender Telecaster
    30 Gibson ES-335/ES-345
    31 Gibson ES-335/ES-345 w/split neck pickup
    32 Gibson Les Paul Classic gold-top
    33 Gretsch Country Gentleman
    34 Ibanez Artist
    35 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22
    36 Rickenbacker 360/12
    37 Miked Guitar Amp w/Sennheiser e609
    Acoustic Guitars
    38 Nylon Classical Guitar w/piezo
    39 Nylon Classical Guitar w/condenser mic
    40 Acoustic Guitar w/piezo
    41 Acoustic Guitar w/dynamic mic
    42 Acoustic Guitar w/condenser mic
    43 Guild D25 w/Fishman Piezo
    44 Guild D25 w/Fishman Piezo and sound hole notch
    45 Martin Backpack w/pickup
    46 Martin DC16, pickup only (no mic)
    47 Martin D28 w/piezo pickup
    48 Martin D45 w/condenser mic
    49 Taylor 810 w/expression system pickup
    50 Electronic (keyboard/synth/digital piano/module/EWI)
    51 Fender-Rhodes 73
    52 Hohner Clavinet D6
    53 Wurlitzer 200
    54 Electric Violin
    55 Accordion w/LIMEX Micro Pro
    56 Trumpet w/Audio-Technica Pro35ax
    57 Low Volume pre-recorded music EQ
    58 High Volume pre-recorded music EQ
    59 Electric Mandolin
    60 Upright 3/4 Bass w/Fishman pickup
    61 Active Bass 1
    62 Active Bass 2
    63 Active Bass 3
    64 Fender Active Jazz Bass
    65 Fender ’66 Passive P-Bass
    66 Fender ’69 Passive J-Bass
    67 Rickenbacker 4003
    68 NS Design Bass and Bass Cello
    69 David Gage Bass Realist
    Drums and Percussion
    70 Kick Drum
    71 Kick Drum w/Audix D6
    72 Kick Drum w/AKG D112
    73 Kick Drum w/Sennheiser 601
    74 Kick Drum w/Shure Beta 52a
    75 Generic Area/Overhead
    76 Drum Overhead, differential SM57
    77 Drum Overhead, differential electret
    78 Hand Percussion w/SM57
    General Use
    80 50Hz Highpass Filter
    81 80Hz Highpass Filter
    82 5kHz Lowpass Filter
    83 50Hz-5kHz Bandpass Filter
    84 80Hz-5kHz Bandpass Filter
    85 200Hz, 1 oct, -6dB Notch
    86 500Hz, 1 oct, -6dB Notch
    87 500Hz, 1 oct, +6dB Boost
    88 Flat, -70dB Gate
    89 Flat, -80dB Gate
    90 90 Trumpet w/SM57
    91 Trombone w/SM57
    92 Soprano Saxophone w/SM58
    93 Alto Saxophone w/SM58
    94 Tenor Saxophone w/SM58

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    What is QEC?

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    I wondered that also. This thread has kind of got my head spinning as it is. :-).

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    I agree with GCumbee, But to change things up here a bit, I sold my qu16 & bought the qu24, I really enjoy this mixer, my only real request is channel naming, hope that it is implemented in a future update.

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    Strat. Where did you get a 24?

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    I do not have it yet, But it is supposed to ship out at the end of the week

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    Oh. I thought it was not shipping till much later.

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    @detonator. From what I understand, this are the channel equaliser presets. I haven’t used them yet (I even might be wrong with the abbreviation, sorry) If you open the library there are to categories of presets: on the right there are the channel presets and on the left there is the list with what I remember as QEC. If you have a long list with instruments and mics you can pick the proper one to adjust the frequency characteristics with just a click. https://www.offbeat.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/eq-chart.pdf provides a good starting point for setting up an equalizer preset collection.

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