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    AA Ron

    What is everyone with a dLive using for their wireless router? No really needing a ton of hookups mainly just for the strong signal at long distances.

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    Ubiquiti WAP / Hotspot, and Apple AirPort Extreme both work well. You want something that you can hide the SSID on, so that it doesn’t get pinged by everyone’s phone in the audience. Even though these devices don’t connect, they still eat up bandwidth.

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    Hiding the SSID of a AP does not prevent it from getting pinged by every device in its vicinity. This is handled by beacon frames sent out by the AP frequently, which are totally SSID independent.

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    Also, what a lot of people seem to forget is that wifi is two way communication.
    You can have the best AP out there, if the wifi antenna on your ipad/surface/whatever is of poor quality, your experience will be poor too.

    On that note, I use Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2. Never have any issues with them. Not sure if they are still available though.

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    I’m just running an off the shelf Netgear NightHawk. For security reasons, and because I didn’t want all my sound devices accessible to the whole church campus, I have it isolated from the church’s network. It’s actually fairly easy to do. You can plug the “internet” port of the router into the switch we have here in the sound booth. Most modern routers will auto detect this type of connection. I run my own SSID locked down to only those who I want access to it and you will still get an internet connection. The only thing that the church network sees is the router. Just make sure that the switch ports on your router don’t connect back to the church network, or you will create a broadcast storm and take the network down.

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    No idea… it’s just another SSID and VLAN on top of the building’s existing network infrastructure.

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