Why is there no manual for the GLD?

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    I’m talking about a comprehensive manual. With every feature included and an example of ONE way to use that feature via a step-by-step path. I can then have my own eureka!!! moment and happily figure out what I need to do. If you are about to say “how can a manual cover every possible circumstance?”, please save your keystrokes. I am not asking for that.

    I know about two manuals, the quick start and a incomplete “user” manual. I know about the videos. I have read them all. I have viewed them all. NOTHING beats a reference manual (printed or a searchable file) when you are in the heat of the battle and cannot figure out how to accomplish something. At the gig forget about an Internet connection and viewing 4 or 5 videos to see if what I happens to be covered. It ain’t happening. I just do without at that moment.

    Would someone from A&H please explain why there presently isn’t (or will never be) a comprehensive manual? A $9000.00 system without a manual to me is not right. Should anyone who wants/needs a manual not be sold a system?

    I am better for (and grateful to) the user group and A&H personnel who graciously give answers to any specific question asked by others as well as me. But there is expectedly a delay between asking and seeing answers. I have gleaned much knowledge from this group and the videos too. But it is unreasonable to expect answers at arms reach with a full stage while sitting at the board? In the past I have brought the 01V manual to all my gigs and have needed it many times when I wanted to do something esoteric or new.

    If Allen & Heath won’t to put together a manual maybe we users can come up with an on-line and downloadable manual of our own. The so-inspired owner/user can take one little subsection and give an example of how to use that feature. If there was a common format/outline/template we can start with, then submit a section to a lead editor at A&H the manual can grow organically. There could be a master list of subjects yet covered that volunteers can tackle in their own time. Others can offer addendums to released chapters with yet another way to accomplish the task.

    For example, I extensively use scenes and would be a good source on how to write/modify scenes and recall safes.

    I welcome constructive discussion.


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    Just guessing here. You did not mention the onboard help system which is the online manual on board. It automatically brings up whatever screen you are on with information about that area.

    Maybe A&H assumed most folks would just use that.

    I have seen manuals for other dig boards. One that comes to mind is almost 300 pages. Pretty in depth.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi John,

    you mentioned the Quick Start Mixing Guide and the GLD User Guide, but please note that we do have a more comprehensive manual called GLD Screen Reference Guide. This is available for download from the product page or the Learning pages on this site. Make sure you always have the latest version of these guides as we normally update the documentation with every major firmware release.

    As GCumbee says the context Help file is another precious source of information.

    Hope this helps.

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