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    Scribble strips are obviously nice, but after getting tired of labels I tried thinking of a better solution for my qu32 in my little studio. I move equipment around on channels depending on what I want to work on so I thought magnet labels would be a good idea. I tried some magnet printer sheet first but the pull was bad so they didn’t stay in place that well. Then I found some thicker magnet strips and they pull well. Not too stuck to be annoying but definitely enough to stay put. Used a label maker for the labels and cut with some razor blade scissors. I put the channels I’m brining in on the custom layer label area then below the faded what device I have there. Plenty of room on the outside of the mixer for labels not currently in use. I have 4 48 point patchbays above the mixer so plenty of space for stuff. Works great so far.

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    If your board has software control apps (e.g. Qu-Pad) to accompany it, then having dynamically displayed “scribble strips” on your hard fader surfaces seems like it would be expected, since you get it automatically in the apps.

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    I use the same method. I bought multiple colours of magnetic strips on a roll and make my own small labels for the custom layer, but use one single strip for the main channel assignments and the ins/outs on the back or on my AB 168. I have strips for each band I work with. Nice and easy.

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    “I found these, I am going to give them a try


    I’d love to find something along those lines -in a continuous strip likely sized and ch. labeled to cover that row of yellow lights on layer one on the QU-24!

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    That’s all cool stuff. I’m going to get that in the future. Right now I just use dry erase board tape and erase track info when I need too. Bought a dry-erase calendar and cut with blade.

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