Where's the De-Esser and Limiter gone ?

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    Coming from the iLive I miss the Limiter/DeEsser section.

    I know, DeEsser can be used in FX Rack, but not for many singers. Dyn8 does the job ok, but I fell it’s a bit overdose for just De-Essing.

    Also I used the Limiter often on Busses. And there’s no Limiter anymore in the dLive ….

    Cheers Peter

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    The Limiter was absolutely shit. If anything it is a good thing it does not exist anymore.

    Dyn-8 is a better de-esser than iLive or the one in the FX Rack, so no need for anything else.

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    I would like to see A & H add a soft limiter and a hard L2 style limiter options to the dlive.

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    @Tor: they made a few things better in the dLive and so they could have upgraded the limiter instead of skipping it.
    It was always a life safer in monitors for drummers or keyboard players going nuts (as they always do somewhere in the set.

    And read my post:” I know Dyn8 can do the job …” as De-Esser. But it does it different and for me not always better!


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    the Comp can act as a limiter
    manual mode gives a technical limiter with ratio set to unlimited

    but I’m shure you know that already 🙂

    and the Dyn8 is a better De-esser but it is not that easy to handle,
    a more simpler De-esser would be nice

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    Steffen, you’re absolutely right.

    I do it this way (Comp ratio 20 or unlimited), but in some cases I did parallel compression and limiting (just to prevent from extreme hits or events). Because I had this option on the iLive I got used to it. And seeing dLive as a successor I miss this feature, even I can live without. But in times of 7-12 InEar-Mixes (or 5-7 from FOH) it’s just the little helper, that made life so easy.

    And yes – Dyn8 is good an I use it a lot (for base or grand piano f.e.), but it’s – as you said – also a beast. So I tend to keep it simple. So a De-Esser is enough for me for De-Essing 😉 And it was there – again, I got used to it, so I’m missing it


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    for me the Dyn8 is also the better deesser.
    you can design your own deesser-function in the Dyn8 – and safe it to the library. i do so.
    but for beginners, you can copy the deesser-FX in the insert.

    my opinion: I do not think that one would have to program there a new deep-processing deesser.

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    it would be easier to handle with lesser controls
    a Dyn8 with just one band in the de-esser range and an amount parameter would speed up the workflow in most cases 😉

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    I started dreaming… a distressor… or a FATSO


    H3000, 2290, PCM70, 402, 201
    damn to much numbers

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    Just a couple of thoughts instead of having the seperate in(on) buttons why not set up the LF,LM,HM,HF titles as the enable function then it could be greyed out when not engaged. Also the Thres, Gain, Ratio for the BD4 and the Gain/Freq, Width, Thres for the Dyn EQ4 would make more sense if they were mapped direct to the rotary encoders below this would simplify the screen some what.

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