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    The QU is my first console I’ve had where the headphone jack isn’t on the front edge so everything is out of the way. Right now, having them on the console face and in the back has them lying around and the cord easily tangled. It’s exacerbated because I also have a QU-16 sub mixer as well. What do you do with your headphones to keep them out of the way and not tangled up in the controls?

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello Lee,

    I can see what you mean with the cable having to cross the mixer. I guess it is a very fair point!
    If this is giving you trouble, a solution that might help you well is using a Headphone extension cord and passing it under/side of the mixer so that you can connect your headphones from a different location without having the cord on the way.

    I hope this solution serves you!

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    In a way, your installation is similar to ours – a wall on the left very near the mixer. We used the long coiled cord for our headphones to go around the back of the mixer to a large hook installed on the wall where the headphones can hang. If your phones have a cord too short, just get a stereo extension cord.

    If you search Amazon for a headphones support you will find several options, one of which may work for you. I saw a couple of devices that clip to the tabletop, for example.

    Here is one example: Table top clip

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    These are good solutions. I found some wall and under table 3D printed hooks. Putting on a 90 degree right angle adapter and running the cable under the mixer keeps the cord out of the way. The RA adapter gets one less thing out of the way of the dust cover not fitting. The lamp, TRS cables and talkback are still a problem. Sigh.

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    FWIW, I found these hangers.
    Cradle – Adhesive Headphone Hanger Holder Mount – Easy To Install

    Conveniently, there’s an under desk model that holds two:
    BigT Under Desk Dual Headphone Hanger Stand

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