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    This is just so wildly subjective. Just opinions which rarely translate to real world. Same mic needs different setting for the type of system it’s connected to. The venue and acoustics. The performer. It’s all variable and subject to opinion. Use your ears or do something else. Heck I wish they would pay me. I could just sit down and dial up a bunch of mics and set some EQ curves without even hooking them up and listening to them. .

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    David Haughton

    Hi All, we’re please to announce Audio-Technica ProFactory Mic preset libraries are now available .
    You can download them from the Qu User Libraries here: http://community.allen-heath.com/groups/qu-libraries/documents/
    Thanks. Harry.

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    Do you have plans to include more mic manufacturers.

    AKG, Audix and EV would be great.

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    How do you install these presets onto the QU mixers?

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    Libraries are here (think you need to “join” first):

    Then there’s a pdf in the folder, with the data, called “Qu Pro Factory Mic Preset Help” which should tell you what you need to know.

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    Personally, I do find this sort of thing useful …if you’re bringing in simple rig to do a ‘pub rock’ band, you do a basic scene at home as there’s usually no time for mucking around during setup. You can tweak as you go along but if you are pressed for time then even little thing helps in my opinion. For a longer term setup, Yes… I’d start from scratch.

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    I use libraries quite a lot – tends to be a better starting point than flat. Mostly I use settings that I’ve saved myself though.

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    My PEQ for each channel is entirely flat, I dont use any presets. I only adjust if something sounds majorly wrong coming through the PA system. I play to 100-150 people in wedding venues week in, week out. It probably helps that we have really decent mics though and all use IEMs.
    I drop the bottom two sliders of the GEQ all the way down, make the room feedback, check the RTA, drop those problem frequencies out of the GEQ then its just a case of adjusting the volume of each channel when mixing (and panning) sometimes all I have is vocals though the PA if its a really small venue.
    If I can get the channels loud enough without feeding back (Due to maximum gain before feedback due to room size) I will then add a little reverb.
    I literally dont have the time for “Library presets” when I’m up against the clock at a wedding or any function for that matter, but can appreciate the want for them in other scenarios.

    I learned all the above on the A&H forum and now I can “mix” pretty much any room I perform in thanks to MarkPAman and many other members.
    I now consider myself to be quite the dad-hand at guerilla engineering………….No doubt I’ll now have an awful gig on Saturday 🙂

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    How about adding the Shure KSM8?

    Thanks, Phil

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