what voltage should the lamp socket produce?

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    Hi there, I recently bought an LED lamp for a Qu16 desk and it didn’t work when plugged in.
    The lamp is the Adam Hall SLED 1 ULTRA XLR 4A.
    I checked the lamp with an external 12V PSU and it works fine but not in the Qu16.
    I measured the voltage on the plug when the lamp was in and it was 11.85V which is a little low.
    Is this still in spec?
    Does anyone know what voltage is on the lamp socket on their Qu16 desk?



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    If it’s other than an A&H light you will most likely need to swap the +-/ wires in the light.

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    From the manual – Lamp – Plug in a 4-pin gooseneck lamp to illuminate the
    mixer surface. You can use any industry standard 12V, 5W
    or lower power lamp. We recommend the Allen & Heath
    LEDLamp with built-in thumbwheel dimmer.

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    I’ve been using a littlite led 12v on my QU24 & QU32 works fine .

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    Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs care about which pin is positive. There are several standards for wiring this standard outlet, all set up before that mattered.

    Standards are useful. That’s why there are so many of them.

    11.85v is well within spec.

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    I know this is old now. I have just purchased 2 of these lamps for the Qu32 and had the same problem.

    After speaking to Adam hall the pin configuration on these lamps is 3 ground and 4 positive.
    Where as Allan Heath is 3 + 4 12v and shell as the ground.

    Return them I shall.

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    yeah, remember I’ve finished mine with switching pins too!

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    Return them I shall.

    Depending on what kind of XLR connector, rewiring them isn’t that hard.

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    Hi all,

    My first A & H mixer and my first post here.

    For what it’s worth I bought the Adam Hall SLED 1 Ultra XLR 4A gooseneck lamp, the version with the 4pin XLR plug, and found it to be wired inside its plug as Pin 3 Black wire, Pin 4 Red wire (you can make up your own mind about the implied polarity). It did not work in my QU-24 lamp socket until I swapped the red and black connections inside the plug. Now it works perfectly.Thanks to Jimmy B and others for the insight.

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