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    So, I loaded a new show today, and realized that the users and my custom controls were still in the system.

    Where are these stored? How does one back them up? I think this should all be stored in the show file, no?

    If I come up to another MixRack and load my show file, I assume the users and custom controls won’t be there?

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    Nicola A&H

    User Profiles are stored in the MixRack and are independent of Show files. You might want the operator to recall different Show files, but prevent them from updating firmware or changing network settings. Show management is itself a permission option of user profiles. So they have to be separate.
    There is no mechanism at present for backing up User Profiles.

    Custom controls – do you mean the Layouts (interfaces) for the Custom Control app? If so, that’s also expected. The Custom Control config is stored in the MixRack as a separate .xml file and can be backed up via the Custom Control editor. Again, this was designed for flexibility so that system integrators could allow multiple Show files to be used on a system, but with a common Custom Control interface – think iPod behind the bar counter type of thing.

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    While I don’t agree with the concept of not having EVERYTHING within a show file (and then use permissions or other methods to perhaps block loading or overwriting), I do appreciate you responding to the question.

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    if everything is in the showfile it makes the user profiles useless… you will override them with a new show

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    As a touring engineer, it means you can’t easily take your show and load it on another MixRack.
    Yamaha has user profiles and figured it out.

    Even if profiles and custom controls are part of a separate file, that would be fine.
    Gotta make it easy for touring engineers walking up to rental equipment to load their entire show and configuration.

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    if you come to another computer system and load a programm and your programm changes all settings and deletes the user profiles even if you are not the owner of the computer?
    this is not the way to go…

    this should be no problem to a touring engineer…
    you get the access you need to do your show
    if not then talk to the


    of the system

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