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    I’m assisting in an install for waves into an A&H Avantis system. I’m more of an end-user kind of guy so I have a few questions.

    1) For channel (and group/main) processing I’ll use the insert point for a strip made in waves soundgrid. But how do you all do time-based effects? I see there’s no way to replace the onboard FX with a patch to waves (it’s FX send to FX rack to FX Rtn with no way to change that), do you all send a mono send via aux to soundgrid, then back stereo via two input channels? I would like my returns stereo if possible.

    2) We’re doing a two-computer system, one for the soundgrid host and live plugin processing, and one for a broadcast mix for streaming (and virtual soundcheck). So the plan is to plug the broadcast macbook pro into the switch, the soundgrid server into the switch, and the avantis surface into the switch via the card in the surface. Do we need to run another cat6 cable from the host computer (that’s only doing live processing) all the way to the switch or can I plug it directly into one of the other ports in the waves card in the surface? That would be MUCH easier to do that.

    3) IF we record for VS on the broadcast computer, how can I make connections back from the computer to the surface card, and how do I send there? Tie lines to send? VS to return?

    Sorry for all the noob questions, my working system is Dante-based so I know all that routing but this is confusing to me. Thanks all!

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    Nicola A&H

    1) Yes, patch an Aux output to Waves, and the return to a stereo Input channel.

    2) The 3 ports on the Waves card act like an internal Gigabit switch, so yes, you can connect your laptop here.

    3) Use the Virtual Soundcheck ‘Record Send’ to send, that will ensure everything is in the right place when returning with Virtual Soundcheck active. Just make sure your Virtual Soundcheck patch doesn’t overlap with plugin processing for your inserts and send/returns. So for example if you’re using 1-64 both ways for Virtual Soundcheck, start your plugin patch in/out from 65.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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