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    I’m using my SQ-5 for a bit of broadcasting; I have a number of mic sources and a number of music sources. I am feeding all mics to a “vox” aux and use that aux to feed the compressor on the music sources, for ducking. However, the compressor uses the pre-fader output of the vox bus as side-chain whereas in my opinion it should use the post-fader (or at least post-mute) output of the aux so I can quickly disable ducking. Right now I either have to switch off all microphones or change their routing to the vox bus to disable ducking.

    Can that be changed or at least made configurable?



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    Hi, similar issue here. Any solution? Is there an available option to choose between pre or post fader side chain? I understand the benefits of having pre fader side chain on the music field, but thats not really convenient for broadcasting purposes, at least not to me right now.


    Bruno L.

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