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    I did a facebook live solo gig the other night. Took a while to get the QU16 talking nicely to my Mac via USB, I had to dig deep and find the direct out trim to get a decent signal, I’m very much an amateur, and I had to route L&R to 1&2 because that’s all the Mac is getting, but it was pretty good.

    I used a PC last time and was able to just run LR to line in, but this Mac doesn’t have a line in.

    I have a couple of questions though;

    Does the trim affect the live output? I presume it doesn’t.
    Does it bypass effects? It seems to have.

    What is the best way to get an after effects stereo feed out via USB?


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    No one? I have another FB gig on Saturday and still perplexed as to how to get the best feed

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @davec

    The USB takes the audio straight from the core, so when recording or streaming you’ll have the same headroom as you do in the mixer.
    The difference in metering is because the computer will be showing dBFS (Full Scale) whilst on the mixer 0dB = +4dBu at the output sockets.
    You can exchange headroom for level pretty easily with the send levels, direct output trims or the make up gain on a compressor, just be aware that with reduced headroom you are more likely to clip the signal and digital clipping doesn’t sound great!

    There’s more info on levels and metering here –

    We also ran a live session all about streaming with Qu that you can watch here –

    Hope this helps!

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