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    On the Facebook CQ users group there is a thread as follows:

    “ Allen & heath has gone really quiet about the CQ
    are they still alive?
    anyone knows if they are working on a firmware?
    i need to sell mine and get back to the soundcraft ui24r?”

    Keith “don’t worry, we’re busy :)”

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    A&H are always quiet about every mixer when it come to updates, they will never tell you what is coming. They announce things at the most 48 hours before release. So don’t expect any hints.

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    Not only that, but A&H doesn’t release feature updates that often. Let’s look at the Avantis which was the last system to be release prior to the CQ. The Avantis was released in Dec 2019 and the first “feature” release was in March 2021. That’s 15 months between initial release and the first feature release. Obviously the CQ is going to be on it’s own schedule, but don’t expect anything to be released very quickly.

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    Beats Soundcraft, one after 3 years and six years of silence.

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    having also an idea of when and if they plan to release an update would be great
    one every quarter? every year?
    they are selling a lot of cq on promises of improvements but at the moment if you look on Thomann the ui24r and the xr18/mr18 are selling more as they have more features and less price.
    a public roadmap saying we are committing to 2 firmware releases would inspire confidence.

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    Digico, A&H & Calrec are also known as “Audiotonix”, the collective corporate control of the individual brands. According to authorized employee posted comments, the internal policy decisions consider customer requests along with a long list of defined brand priorities. The best advice I have seen posted is to buy the gear that best suits your needs as they exist, and not fall into the speculative rat hole of relying upon a personal wish list of future feature up dates.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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