Update Recall filter for all, or a selected group of scenes all at once?

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    Hey folks!

    So say I have about 40 cues, some have the same recall scope, others are completely different. (IE some are band cues, some are media cues, some just affect one mic, some automate audience mics, etc.)

    I reconfigured my show so that a bus I was using as an aux, is now a group. …but now I have to go through all of my scenes and update recall scope for that group, for each scene.

    …update does not update recall filter, so as far as I can tell, you really just have to go through each scene type individually to modify recall filter. Sure, I can copy/paste recall filter for identical cues, which is fine for the handful of band cues, but that still leaves a large number of cues I need to manually unlock, go through filtering, then lock again.

    It would be super, super nice, if there was a sub-function of Update that would allow you to update a specific recall filter element for all scenes. (IE I only want pan and mute status for a particular bus to be affected for every scene, I want to add that filter to all scenes, while leaving all the rest of the current recall filter settings, per scene, alone.)


    …and to head this one off at the pass: I do *not* want a global safe for the group, as I would like to still be able to create additional cues that may have more filter options available for that particular buss, and global will be problematic in that regard.

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    Maurits Thiel

    A Big +1 for this point

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    I had a similar suggestion a couple of years ago for the GLD, do these ideas help at all?

    "Sub-global safes" or "Reference recall filters"


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    Good info

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