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    mr. y-mun

    Hi everybody,

    I’m a newbie, so sorry if this is going to be a stupid question. I searched the forum before, but I couldn’t find a matching answer.

    We have a Qu-16 in our band. I’m responsible for the technical stuff/mixing on stage in the band and play the guitar at the same time. 🙁 This means I listen to my monitor mix and would like to check the FOH sound from time to time. I use In-Ear-Monitoring with a decent headphone what works well for me.

    My question is: How can I – from time to time switch in my monitor mix (5/6) from my dedicated control mix to the FOH mix and back? Is this possible at all?

    To get the main mix in my monitor mix I connected “alt out” on the back externally with “ST2 in”. If there is a nicer way to do so, I would be very happen to hear about it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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    If you are just using PAFL on the IEM master for that mix just PAFL the stereo mix to switch back and forth. That should work. That is assuming you are using the console headphone out. If not then your method should work ok.

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    mr. y-mun

    I want to use these two mixes with IEM while playing. So headphone wouldn’t work. 🙁

    The question is how to switch back and forth between the complete mon mix and FOH with more or less one or two buttons.

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    Checking FOH sound from stage with IEMs? Nice approach, I doubt this will work for the audience…
    Why not using the AltOut for your IEMs? Just patch them to PAFL and use PAFL on Mix 5/6 to hear your monitor (and any other channel for control purposes), with PAFL off you’re listening to LR (not necessarily the sound the audience will hear).

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    mr. y-mun

    I understand, that you have doubts. I don’t know whether this can work, but it’s not for real soundcheck, just a in-between check whether guitar volume is ok in FOH as we don’t have a sound engineer taking care of the FOH sound while we are playing.

    Thanks so far. I’m not sure, whether I understood you correctly. I’ll try out and write back, if I have questions.

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    Get a wireless transmitter for your guitar, then you can leave the stage and listen to how it really sounds out front, doing it from in-ears will not give you a true representation

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    mr. y-mun

    I have one and do so. But it’s not overly cool to go down from stage too often. So I searched another way to do a rough check every now and then.

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    Or get an engineer?

    I know it’s a tough ask for many bands though…

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    With IEMs, in, I’d worry that you may not hear a problem, at least not quickly. Also of course, what comes from L+R out is not what the audience really hear, as they hear all the loud stuff from the stage too.

    But – given what you want to do, Andreas’s answer (4 posts up) looks to be the ideal technical way of doing it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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