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    Just got my CQ 18T. While the manual indicates how to record and playback multitrack recordings saved to the SD Card, which I plan on doing at live gigs, there’s no explanation as to how to transfer the individual multitrack recorded channels into a DAW, e.g., Logic Pro.

    Is there a way to convert the recorded audio on each track to an individual aiff or mp3 file for importing into Logic Pro? or is there an easier way to do this, and if so how?

    I want to record our gigs and later mix them in Logic.

    thanks in advance

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    I don’t believe there is going to be a super easy way to import the recording as a whole. Rather just drag the resulting WAV files (1 per channel) into your project. Alternatively you could set up your DAW to record directly over USB and then just call it a day and save yourself the copy later.

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    I just got my CQ as well I would not record on the SD card it’s too small. You need a thumb drive USB a there’s a limit on the size of the SD card of 32 GB which is only about 10 minutes worth of recording at multi track, the S, the car does not have a size limit. It’s very hard getting an answer from these guys. It’s the manual really is not written well.

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    I know there is a 32GB stated limit in the manual but I have a 128GB (SanDisk Ultra Class 10) card in mine because that’s what I had lying around. I inserted it, formatted it in the unit, and it works fine. In CQ MixPad it shows a 119GB capacity and 2.5GB used for the recordings I currently have on it. I have three separate recordings, about 4-6 minutes each, with about 20 tracks each and I’m only using 2.5GB total. This is with USB/SD Sample Rate set at 48KHZ and stream mode to Multitrack.

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    I found the easiest way to get audio files from the CQ into Nuendo was to set up Input channels in Nuendo corresponding to the CQ Channels: In1, In2, etc. Then I set the CQ channels config option to USB/SDHC, armed the channels in Nuendo, hit record, then hit play on the CQ and just recorded them in Nuendo like that.

    Otherwise, you copy the files from the SD and drag them into the DAW. That works, but for stereo channels, you’ll have to convert them into a stereo interleaved file. I dragged the mono channels into Nuendo and used it’s convert option to create stereo files. That all worked but was a lot of steps – I found playing them back from the CQ and recording them into the DAW to be simpler.

    And the reverse is also a very easy way to get tracks out of the DAW and onto the card – create output busses (Out 1, Out 2, etc) on the DAW for each track corresponding to the CQ tracks, so Vox would be assigned to Out1, for example. Arm input 1 and any other inputs on the CQ set to USB/SDHC for input source, start record, start DAW playback. This works perfectly.

    USB Drives, sticks, etc., do no work for multitrack recording. If you read between the lines in the manual, this is heavily implied but not stated directly as far as I can tell. I have used a 32GB and a 64BG SD card and they seem fine so far, but I have not tried to see what happens as they fill up. But yes, for 16 track recordings, a 32GB card won’t go far.

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    Howard B

    Hi – I’m a bit late to this thread but I’m considering getting the CQ-18T.

    I don’t understand why you think a 32 GB SD card isn’t big enough to record on?
    You said you were only able to record about 10 minutes. I’m not certain how the CQ-18T codes it’s data but 24 tracks of uncompressed audio (24 bit 96 kHz) should only be around 4 GB

    Am I missing something?

    Also, I’m wondering, can the CQ-18T be used to directly record 16 individual tracks to a DAW through USB or does it only send a stereo stream to the computer? I’m thinking it must work as multi track interface but I’m not certain.

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    @Howard B

    I have the CQ-20B and use a 32GB SD card, I can quite easily record two 45 min sets of multitrack (16 channels) at 96khz with space for more. So no need to go bigger unless you need to record for hours on end.

    And you can record direct to a DAW via USB.


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    32G gives you plenty of space. No need to record at 96K at all, set it to 48K and enjoy hours of recording all the tracks. And you probably won’t use all the channels anyway, so cut down on which tracks are armed and you get even more time.

    Easy to import, just put your SD card in your computer and drag all the wav files to your DAW. I don’t now how much easier it could be…

    The OP asks about converting to aiff or mp3 for importing… Seriously?? You want to record at 96K, but convert it to a lossy format, oh my! Nobody uses those crappy lossy formats for a DAW, import the full wav files created by the CQ, set to 48K. Don’t make it hard and crappy at the same time.

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    Hey all,I may be a bit late to the party, but I’d be willing to bet that the recording is a multi-track wave file. Most DAWs worth their salt can import them and then (if it doesn’t do it automatically) can split it into tracks.

    I have written a script (in Linux, but I could port it if needed) that will take multi track wave, split it into individual tracks, and then apply gain (if needed). If someone is willing to send me a single song sample I’d be willing to give it a go.

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    D. Gauss

    I just remove the SD card from the mixer, pop it into computer, fire up Reaper, and drag the tracks in. Reaper names them, aligns them, and Bob’s you’re uncle. Easy peasy, mac & cheesy. Been doing it for a decade with my QU-Pac and now the CQ.

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    I am a Studio One guy. I simply imported the track files into a project. The tracks are named as they are on the CQ mixer. The 32gb cap stated in the manual is just for A&H legal disclaimer stuff. I used a 120gb SDXC type card over the weekend at 96K and everything went fantastically. I know some folks will say you don’t need to run at 96K for multi tracking. This is true in most cases. I say if you can then why not.
    These little mixers are pure awesomeness in a very small form factor! I am and always will be a fan of the whole Allen & Heath product family as well as their dedication to serving the audio engineering community.

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