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    Dear members,
    Support won’t answer my question about certain features before i buy,
    so i end up asking you guys.

    I’d like to get the qu32 actually just for it’s mackie control feature,
    as it got the most faders for it’s size and i would use it for nuendo and
    pro tools.

    i know mackie control will only support the faders, so first question:
    if i set it to mackie control in the daw control software, would the knobs
    for pan and eq still send some midi that i could let learn or convert
    via midi translator? would that midi information be sent over extra midi
    drivers/ports or sent on those of mackie control?

    second and most important question:
    are the faders touch sensitive as i would expect?
    so if i set nuendo to touch or autolatch mode and go over old automation,
    will the faders stop moving the moment i touch them?

    are the faders rather noisy?

    last question: how is stability in windows 8.1 now? i heard of the need
    to replug the usb and some crashes.. had that been fixed?

    Sorry to bother you guys, but i haven’t got the possibilty to check that
    thing at a local dealer.

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    In short:
    – Faders are not touch sensitive
    – You receive MIDI through separate port for nearly any control which you may use for learning (check out MIDI Protocol). The strip controls still follow the channel selection of the Qu not selection of your DAW.
    – The faders are not unaudible, doesn’t hurt at all in a live environment, if this is critical for you, its better to check at a dealer.
    – Never saw crashes when plugging the Qu in or out.

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    Thanks a lot, i was misguided by the fact that the new version has
    metal fader caps. didn’t come up with the idea these were just for optical
    reasons oO.
    Totally sad, now i have to buy from the company i used to have a love/hate
    relationship, just that in my case there isn’t any love involved: avid… :(((

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    try the Yammies instead…

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    Thanks Steffen,
    Which ones would you suggest?
    DM1000 and Nuage are above of my budget, i’m looking for something
    around 3000 bucks…

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    used DM-1000 should be available at 3000

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