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    got now an qu-pac and an ab168. reason for upgrading is for monitor mixes. 8 man band, IEM. so we have to share mixes, not optimal.
    on sq5 and 6 it says 12 stereo monitor mixes but i realy only se 6 stereo mixer back on the mixer so my qyestion is
    can i use my ab168 to get some extra stereo mixes, it has 8 mix outputs. is it possible to route ab168 to other mixes,than those back on the mixer, it is not possible on qu-pac.

    do i need another stagebox to accomodate what i want.

    thanks for any answer

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    AB (and AR) outputs can be anything you want.

    This is true of the Qu-Pac too, so from the Qu-Pac you could have the 3 stereo mixes 5&6, 7&8, 9&10 from the desk, then have the 4 Groups (running in “Mix Mode” – see page 39) from 8 the outputs on an AB168. Then you still have the 4 mono mixes & L&R* from the desk. So, you’re almost there with what you have now.

    *And if you really need L&R to come from the AB168, the desk’s Alt Out can become one of the group outs.

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    Are you worried about number of output sockets? How many outputs currently taken up by your PA?

    Dont forget there are 2 TRS Jack outs on the SQ too that also can be assigned to any mix.
    If you’re struggling just run the IEMs in Mono and double your channel capacity!

    But also… buy SQ 😛 its brilliant! 🙂

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