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    We have an SQ7 V1.53 and ME-1

    Is there a way to route the talkback mic directly to an ME channel?

    At present I am sending TB to an Aux then sending this Aux to ME.

    Ash Webber

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    I don’t have an SQ so I can’t say for sure but you might be able to use tie lines to directly patch the talkback mic’s input socket to an ME channel. However, if that works, I’m reasonably certain the TB mic will always be on in the MEs instead of following the talkback button. I suppose you could get a mic with its own switch… I think they’re called “paging” mics or something.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @Ash

    As of V1.5.0, you can patch your Talkback, post ‘Talk’ key, directly from the ‘I/O > Outputs > Monitor Out’ screen.


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    I am using an Avantis and am wanting to run the talkback button to out 4 ME1s is this currently possible?

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    I have the same question as Ben: Is what Keith describes above for the SQ also possible on an Avantis?

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    Nicola A&H

    Avantis and dLive don’t allow a direct patch of the Talkback output. The method described above by Ash, via an Aux bus, would be my suggestion.

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    This would be a great feature on Avantis, as our Frontline musicians are on St Aux IEMs so I can talk to them, but not the rest of the band on ME1s.

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    Would love for ME1 to be an assignable destination for the talkback in the next Avantis update. It’s very annoying to me that I have to jump through hoops and use up both an aux bus and a ME channel to be able to talk to half of my band

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    Would love not to have to “burn” an aux just to put talkback in the monitors. I have better uses for that aux. I would love if we could either make TB a routable channel to the ME, or even better just let me assign TB to ME like another bus in the TB menu (not sure if that cooperates with how the ME works)

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    It seems really strange not have this functionality on the Avantis and DLive.

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