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    My MPC can send “click” out in a separate channel. I wondered how to route that “click” sound from my MPC into SQ-5 (maybe using Talkback?), but it would only be routed to headphones and not the main out. Do you have any other ideas on how to do that?

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    There are a few ways to achieve this.

    Firstly, just connect that output from the MPC to any available socket on the SQ.

    If you only need the click in the headphones connected to the SQ (and you’re not using the feature for anything else) then you could use the ‘external in to PAFL’ option in the Setup > Audio > PAFL screen.
    Select the socket you connected to, adjust the preamp/trim settings and switch Ext in to PAFL ‘On’.
    The benefit of this is that you will hear the LR mix and the click in the headphones, but the output from LR will not include the click.

    If instead, you need to send the click to multiple places for monitoring, use a free input processing channel.
    Set the input source to the socket you connected to and apply processing as you like.
    Unassign the channel from the LR mix –,-361,24
    Send the channel to a post-fade aux, along with anything else you need to monitor set at 0dB.
    PAFL the aux, or patch it to output sockets and connect up a headphone amp.
    This gives you far more flexible monitoring options, as you can adjust your mix independently of the main LR mix, whilst still hearing relative difference to any changes you make in the main mix.

    You could also use a ME-1 or ME-500, to which you could send your LR mix and the click along with anything else you need to monitor and have hands on control with the headphone amp built-in.


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    Hi @keith,

    The trick you recommended worked very well!

    Going to Setup->Audio->Pafl; Set Ext-in to PAFL=On, Local socket – Talk, and set Pad, 0 gain, and -24dB trim. As seen on the meter, the click signal from MPC output 3 is coming in nicely.
    Also, going to Meters->RTA, Fixed Channel – MainLR – the RTA shows nothing, meaning the signal isn’t going through Main LR, just as you described. Success!

    Since I only use it in my own home studio, there’s no need to go though advanced routing, but I am glad it is possible.

    I am astonished at how powerful SQ-5 is.


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    Also uploading attachments for future reference if anyone is looking to do the same.

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