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    your problem will be a different one…

    Reaper and Liveprofessor will not work with low latency at the same time…
    Dante will not work with low latency at all in this setup
    to use this for Playback would be no problem but it will not work for insert processing
    so it would be better to cancel this
    but reverbs could be doable…

    Can your U-Track send MIDI Time Code?
    if yes then you can synchronize u-Track and Reaper

    if not there is another possibility
    you can record timecode into your U-Track session as audio data on one track (make shure it is not clipping anywhere)
    and play it back into your dLive and route it to a Reaper input with a Tie Line
    the Tie Line will add around 0,7ms of latency
    Reaper can sync automatically to that time code
    I’m not shure but in this case it should start automatically when TC(from the u-Track) is started
    the time to lock on the TC from the u-Track could be a problem, you just have to test it

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    @steffen R, it would be very logical for the dLive to work with the MTC, but not ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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    Thanks Steffen ๐Ÿ™‚ That cleared my mind a bit.

    Timecode is not a problem as we use it for the lighting guy and it’s already implemented in Utrack track nr 8 and i’ve already thought about it as a synchronising method.. I am not sure about what utrack can do with Midi unfortunatelly.

    I will have to make deeper search about that. If I use utrack only tu start the session in the reaper that should do the trick and then You are right – I don’t need bome box.

    Geting back to the live professor and Dante.

    if I setup Live professor on another computer will I be able to make latency enough to insert plugins (at least some of them) via Dante card?? or i will be able only to use it for reverbs and Delays?? ( which in my case are 90% what i need )??

    Will I be able also to record multitrack simultaneously on another computer via dante?? Or it’s just a russion rulette?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Reverb and Delay is save to work in Live Professor
    insert processing depends on what latency is tolerable at your task

    DVS has a given latency and LP adds a bit as well (and the plugins of course)
    I guess it will be more than 10ms
    the smalles value I tried was 15ms
    and I ended up with about 20ms for save use with reverbs

    it is possible to get lower latency with dedicated DANTE Hardware like the Yamaha or Focusrite PCIe Cards or the RME Digiface DANTE
    these do not use the DVS, they use dedicated ASIO or Core Audio drivers to realise lowest latency possible

    one of the main problems you will have is the loose of the phase coherency of the complete mix since every plugin chain adds latency
    so you need to process all channels or add a delay to the channels not processed with plug ins
    and this can be a real challenge in a live environment

    since most of us agree,
    that the internal processing with dynamics and equalisation is very good
    and the most needed improvement is better reverb
    above problems are not that relevant to the average user

    recording and live propfessor at the same time should be no problem if you split it from the playback and not using to much processing in LP
    or too many tracks to record

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    Hey ๐Ÿ™‚

    Steffent thank You for this huge explanation. Yes definetly the biggest issue is reverbs, and delays in Dlive. Well Issue is a hard word, but for what this console is it could have better FXes ( that remind me about digicos FXes).

    External PCIe Dante cards with box to run it is unfortunatelly out of my budget. But I will check. Still I though that Dlive architecture will compensate to everything that would be inserted on the channels even if this is external processing via Digital link of course. i guss I misread it ๐Ÿ™‚

    thank You all for help. As soon As the Covid ends and I start to work again i will try tu bilt this connection and will let You know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Can you teach me how to use Reaper to send tcp/ip to change the dlive scene?

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    use DAW Control

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