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    Hello, my name is Joseph, I live in Italy and I have a small recording studio. I would like to improve the quality of my work and ask for help to avoid mistakes.

    Currently the core of my study consists of an iMac, Logic Pro X, a Digidesign 003 Rack audio card and a mixer Zed 420.

    The weak link in this chain is definitely outdated sound card. To improve the situation I had thought of one of these solutions:

    1) Maintain Zed 420, sell the 003 and buy a converter AD / DA of excellent quality. Directout get out of the mixer and enter negi IN converter and from there to Logic Pro X. This solution makes me take a big leap in quality? Such converters would you recommend? At least 16 in / out?

    2) Selling Zed 420 and Digi 003 and take a 16 or Qu-Qu-24 and make it the core of my study: sound card, converter, mixer and DAW controller. This solution gives me more as a solution? It only needs a 16-Qu? there is the possibility to connect the studio monitors for quality listening during mixing and also 2 spy cases for Live sessions? The fact that he does not BUS is a problem? I could handle the bus directly from the right Logic? Opure you must purchase the Qu-24? (Definitely changes to budgets)

    I have no great demands of playing live, basically I write and I arrange my songs, at most I organize small live studio sessions to try the songs, but I do not go for local playing live.

    I would need a setup that allows me to better manage the taking phase, and mixing in the studio, as well as to try out the songs live in the studio when necessary.

    Do you have tips for me? tips to solve my doubts and do not make mistakes my choices?

    Thank you very much those who want to give me a help.


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    You didn’t specify what inputs you require, but if 16 mic channels is enough, I would recommend that you look carefully at the Behringer X18 or XR18 and then compare everything else to that. In my mind, these are the most cost effective mixers out there, if you already have the required computer hardware. I use the X18 because it’s slightly less expensive than the XR18. Besides the obvious form factor differences, the X18 uses TRS connections for the Aux outs while the XR18 uses XLR.

    The preamps in the X18 are made by Midas, a well-respected manufacturer of quality preamps and electronics. These mixers have been out for several years, and there is a ton of online information and tutorial videos for them.

    The software for operating the mixer is superb, it’s free, and the mixer works with every DAW out there. I use Reaper. For live sessions, it may feel more comfortable to have mechanical sliders, but in the studio, these are not that essential. I use the X18 for live sessions as well as studio work, recording 18 separate channels then processing them in Reaper. I use a Windows 10 laptop, an iPad and an Android cellphone to operate the X18 in a live setting. The Android interface is actually somewhat better than that for the iPad at the present time. In my studio, I use a Windows PC with Reaper and the X18 software, monitoring through the X18 with headphones and Behringer monitors. The control software operates over ethernet, hardwired or wireless, with or without an external router, and the DAW uses USB.

    There are some naysayers out there who want to play down Behringer as being of lower quality, but that has not been my experience. I like the QU32, don’t get me wrong, but for what you are doing, the X18 seems to be a better fit. Just include it in your comparisons and come to your own conclusion.

    I apologize for touting Behringer on an A&H forum. A&H equipment is top notch, but A&H is not always the best fit for certain situations.

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    Talk to 16 or 24 tracks for a matter of convenience, and that is … to have already set most of the tracks and not having to remove and replace cables. have already connected the 7/8 microphones for drum kit, having already two channels for recording. electric guitars with microphones, dedicate one channel to bass, 2 or 3 channels on keyboards, synth or piano (also midi) take a few channels to the voices and so on. Having essentially a ready counter on the mixer and control every different tracks in Logic with the mixer.

    Used for years mixer A & H and I am fine, also for what I am aware of Qu converters are much more transparent and qulitativi of mixer converters the same price range. For these reasons I would like to stay at A & H, I had taken in consideration a Behringer X32 Compact … but eventually comparing the build quality and software are back on the Qu. My doubts whether it is better to go to Qu that sound card face, Mixer and Controller DAW or Hold my Zed 420, and in conjunction with an AD / DA converter, but also in this case the canli they pay dear.

    Which solution is best? This is my problem !!!

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