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    I had this very strange behavior last weekend.
    Everething started fine, soundchecked the band, settingup everything.
    But then suddenly, almost the complete console frooze.
    The complete channel name bar was dark, i could not change layers.
    only the screen was visible, and buttons underneath where working.
    I ve tried everything, restart, recall other scenes, flashed firmware, loaded backup shows… nothing seems to work.
    Luckely i had my tablet with me, when i tried it. (mixpad) i could control everething from out of mixpad. after some time 15 20 minutes, funtions seem to come back on the sq itself. so (between the acts) i did a reboot of the console, and everething seems to be working normal again. But then after some time, same problems came back, so i had to continue working on the tablet.
    Finnished the evening with the tablet.
    Now, monday mornig, i’m getting ready to go to venue to checkout status.
    First thing on my list to do is a factory reset.
    Is there anyone who is familiar whit this problem?
    Should i contact techsupport first?
    Any advise to do or not to do.
    SQ6 (fw: 1.5.10| Dantecard | 2x DT168

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    Strange surface behavior and lockups in the A&H world often derive from bad or wrong setup control networks. At least this is my experience.
    So this would be my first shot…

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    Thanks, checked all. Everything is the same for 3+ years. All are on DHCP.
    Forgot to tell that while last band where playing, all functions came back.
    So when i left saturday night, everything worked as normal
    Yesterday i did also the full reset, everything is up and running.
    Now wait..and hope, everything stays normal comming shows.

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    KeithJ A&H


    It would be useful if you could contact us about this through https://support.allen-heath.com with as much detail as possible on the setup and environment please.
    Not something we’ve seen before, so would be good to log it correctly and investigate if needed.


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    Thanks, Keith, (and RS)
    There was, a hardware problem in the network.
    Someone spotted a faulty fiber cable, on a for me difficult accessible place, that “completely broke” when touched.
    So that one got replaced, we have not seen the problem again. (Knocks on wood)
    If the problems returns, I will contact tech support direct.

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