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    Hey all,

    Long time listener & user of A&H products. I have just purchased an SQ5. Pretty excited!

    Have been using D-Live for the last few years touring, and although I really wish I could afford my own – I feel like I would be able to squeeze the most out of the SQ5 to fit my shows into. Also given the distinct lack of gigs at the moment, it seems like a smarter investment financially.

    Anyway, this post is pretty much just to amplify my excitement and talk about the proposed setup. I’ve been searching options especially on this forum, and i’m not sure I’ve read anyone running this setup at the moment, but would love to chat if there is.

    Dante Card
    Dante PCIe card in Thunderbolt Chassis
    UAD card
    Macbook Pro

    So the idea here is being able to run UAD natively on a Macbook Pro, utilising a low latency Dante connection through the Focusrite PCIe card in a thunderbolt chassis. I currently own an older UAD2 Satellite Duo FW, which I will probably run some initial tests with, however there is the option of getting a UAD PCIe card to also go in the thunderbolt chassis.

    Plugins will be hosted with LiveProfessor.

    I’m interested to see the processing power and return trip latency!

    Will keep you up to date as the gear starts rolling in and i’m able to run some tests.


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    I’m very curious what your measurements reveal. I have a similar setup, I use a RME Digiface Dante as Interface. My Measurements are

    Roundtrip without Plugins @128 – 4,209ms

    Roundtrip without Plugins @64 – 2,875ms

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