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    Currently I can only assign a channel to one ‘bank’. It would be great if I could assign one channel to multiple ‘banks’.
    I.e. I have a drum-bank and a vocal-bank. But I would love to add my own vocals and the kick/snair to the ‘me-bank’.

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    on my SQ4you I can assign up to 16 sources to the groups

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    On SQ4YOU there are no ‚banks‘ like the fader banks on the console. Those are more or less DCAs and you can assign each input channel to only one ‚DCA‘ at one time. This is imho a restriction by design because when you assign it to two groups the audible result will be confusion for users without deep knowledge of the mechanisms behind.

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    oh I misunderstood the suggestion…

    as Mfk0815 writes this is not possible
    keep in mind that SQ4you is a single aux mixing app for personal monitoring use…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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