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    Hi All,

    Of course I have updated my SQ5 so could download the Tube Stage Preamp.
    Could anybody help me out and give me some advice about the settings?
    I could not find anything about this “item” on this forum, or on internet, or on youtube.
    (if I missed it, please let me know the link..)

    So how and when do I use the different settings as; ” Pentode, Triode, Warm Pentode, Dual Pentode, Pentode Triode, Hi Drive ”
    The two turning knobs below it, I hear a difference when turning, but is there something I should care about?

    For example, which preamp is useful for voice, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, brass,…

    Maybe other advices..?

    I hope someone can help me out, many thanks in advantage.

    Greetings David.
    (from Holland)

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi David,

    Don’t worry, the Tube Stage Preamp is very simple:
    There are 6 different types (topologies) of preamp to choose from, and you will find you get more drive as you move through these.
    Tube Stage interacts with the hardware preamp, so once you have selected a topology, set up your hardware preamp gain and use the ‘Fine Control’ to adjust.
    You will also notice that the ‘Fine Control’ pot changes function as you change model and you can use this to dial in the compression, thickness, bias or drive.
    The ‘Level’ pot is then used as a make-up gain control.
    That’s it!

    So it’s a creative tool that can be used to add musical compression and distortion, or you can go all out and really overdrive the signal!
    My advice would be to have a play on a range of sources, see how it sounds with all the different topologies and then you’ll know the palette of preamp sounds you have available when it comes to mixing.
    There are no rules – though I’m sure the members of the community here will be able to give some examples of how they’re using theirs.

    Hope this helps.

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    I used the distortion (Hi Drive) topology on a stand-up bass for some added grit, that was fun 🙂

    He did a solo, I turned up the drive level!

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    Thanks Keith en Lightingman, I will go experimenting then..

    But, like Keith said, if there are more examples from other users, please let me know!

    I am most interested in “voice-presets” and I was wondering if there are any experiences using this with a drum-element. (such as snare, for more crack?)

    Greetings David

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