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    Hi All,
    I am part of a small Worship group. The current setup consists of a QU-24 with the AR2412 stage box expansion.
    The group consists of: 9 singers and 6 instrumentalists, but the number could grow.

    Considering that 24 input channels are starting to be few, because singers from the various churches are often added, I started looking at other models.
    The main problem we want to solve is to give each singer and instrumentalist an Aux channel independent of the others.
    In QU-24 the Aux sends are 7 (+ 2 group): currently singers use only one aux channel for everyone.

    I have seen that, through SLink port expansion, I can connect an SQ5 and a QU-24 and use also two AR2412: with this configuration can I have multiple aux sends?
    or would it be better to switch to a solution with SQ5, Dante additional expansion card and a different stage box?

    Thanks to all and sorry for my bad English.


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    15 people & it could grow.
    An SQ can only run 12 mixes, though all of these can be stereo. Using two desks to get more mixes could be done, but will be complicated to operate

    Have you looked at the ME system?


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    Hi Mark,
    yes I saw this product and I think that is fantastic.
    But in this case if I need one of this for each component is little expensive (at least 15 * 500€).

    Using the Dante\Waves system is possibile to have more single managed output?
    Has anyone had experience with this?


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    You can use the ME units alongside the Mix outputs your desk has. So from your Qu-24 you have 9 mixes (inc the groups), so adding 6 ME units gets you to 15 separate monitor sends, at a price more in line with adding an SQ5.

    Or if you get an SQ anyway, you’d only need 3 ME units.

    Also, depending on their needs, the cheaper ME 500 may be enough for your group.

    Dante or Waves (if you had an SQ) provides more ways of connecting things together, but does not increase the number of mixes the desk can control.

    If you want more monitor mixes from the desk itself you’ll have to look at the Avantis or dLive desks.

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    Thanks for the suggestions Mark,
    so using the ME units not preclude the AUX. Its correct ?

    Another questions (sorry I know you want punch-me).
    1- We probably have to switch to an SQ because we need more input channels than the 24 of the QU-24.
    Using an SQ + SLink card and linking to QU desk, can i use all of SQ and QU mixes channel separately (12 SQ + 9 QU) ?

    2- Having an QU-SB its possible this schema?
    SQ5 (SLink) —–> AR2412 (remote)
    SQ5 (SLink card) —–> QU-SB (remote)

    3- If its possibile, could have 24+16 remote input, and 12+7 physical output for mixes and manage all as separate channel ?
    In this case I need 2 iPads to manage the SQ and the QU ?

    I know this is a comunity forum and not a specialized shop, but its very difficult to find an answer for my particular questions 🙂


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    No desire to punch you at all! You’re making me think, which has to be a good thing 🙂

    And, I think it will work.

    With this set up you describe the Qu-SB can “see” any of its own inputs, any SQ inputs, any AR2412 inputs (and if you want, any out the SQ’s outputs, too) up to 32 channels + the 3 stereo inputs.

    The SQ will similarly be able to use up to 48 inputs from anywhere in the same way.

    So a Qu-SB running for just monitors can physically output the 4 mono & 3 stereo mix outs, the L&R out, (which could be used as another monitor mix) & you could use the matrix out with one of the groups as another monitor mix.

    You could then have the remaining 3 groups also switched to monitor mixes & send them back to outputs on the SQ or the AR2412. So that’s 12 mixes controlled from the Qu-SB.

    You can then provide up to 12 more mixes from the SQ.

    As long as all the channels (that are needed in the monitors) will fit on the Qu-SB this should work.

    I’m just some bloke on the net though & you may like Alex A&H or KeithJ A&H to check this setup over before spending a lot of $$$!

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    Thanks Mark,
    do you think that is a good idea send a PM to Keith, or he watch the forum actively. Sure he can give us a more precise idea!

    So I already have an QU-SB and an AR2412, thath could solve (for now) the limit of the 24 input channel, and then add 2 more group channel as aux.
    But in perspective, if I could use SQ5 and QU-SB with the total of 12 + 11 + 1 “aux” channel, maybe is a good idea in order of: 1 renew the mixer, 2 without having a log of extra ME units.

    If technically everything can work, the rest are economic evaluations.

    Thanks again 🙂


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    Pretty sure Keith will see this soon anyway!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Oh, hi!
    If you look through the community, you’ll see that Mark isn’t ‘some guy on the internet’ and once again is correct here (and the group’s set to mix to send back is fancy thinking too!).
    A couple of little things- you could use two iPads, but if everything is pretty close or you’re ok with lots of network cabling, two consoles will live happily on the same network and you could switch apps. You’d have to do some testing if you plan to have lots of users on Qu-You and SQ4You though…
    The mixing and routing and switching IS possible, but will possibly drive you mad. It’s mostly an opinion, but operating and any troubleshooting will be more difficult than having everything in one console/system. Of course it depends on budget, what you have currently and whether you ever need to split into two systems.
    I should also say that the ME units are compatible with all our digital desks, so if the group continues to grow, these will still be useful, and you could add hundreds if needed!
    But yes, what Mark said!

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    Hi Keith,
    Yes I saw and confirm that Mark are a guru 🙂
    Thanks for the clarification.

    I have a little thought, perhaps almost wrong and maybe out of A&H “area”.. Using Dante means to have an network input\output from\to physical hardware (like DT168 or similar), but also an input\output from\to virtual hardware (pc\mac with Dante Virtual Soundcard).
    So, if I send out everyone of my channel via Dante, I could use the signal that arrive on PC independent from the mixer (I think). After this, from the computer I only need a kind of “virtual mixer” and the possibility to send out a single mixed sound (like an aux) to an AVIO product for example.

    Sorry probably it’s a little confused way of think.. 😀

    I wrote this question also to the Audinate support… but surely it remains only an idea.

    a big Thanks from Italy 🙂

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