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    I would like to see a SQ-SB mixer
    I would suggest with the same connections of the SQ5 but with an additional S Link port so people can connect both 96k and 48k equipment at the same time as using other i.o. Cards Dante, Waves etc.

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    I can not completely understand the SQsb & SQ rack mixer requests ioTon and others have advanced. Eliminating the tactile functions of the existing SQ5 will then place total reliability on the existing, less than comprehensive, wifi software. The fact is an SQ5 placed on the stage floor is relatively the same footprint as the proposed SQsb and with the SQ5’s additional benefit of tactile functions that are available for fine tuning the show, the existing wifi software would not need a major redesign.
    (At this point we must come to grips with the fact that A&H uses the same remote protocol for all of their desks. A&H has not recognized a pressing need for improvement or made any effort to expand much, if any, of it’s WIFI support function beyond the original QU more than 15 years ago.)

    I still keep my QUsb in it’s travel bag with a dedicated I-pad, air port and LDC for small solo set ups with a single KV2 EX10 wedge. In the event I need a better more comprehensive SR solution the SQ5 and DX168 or DX32 are available when a higher level of sonic quality and performance shaping is required. Truth be told I have replaced the QUsb with my SQ5 for exactly the same type of small gig functions. I plan to give my QUsb to my grandsons.

    My concerns pursuant to the direction of new A&H designs are centered around creating gear that is synergistic with release of the industry leading quality Prime I/Os. My request for a “Prime processing controller” is not in the same area code with the persistent requests for a SQ version of a QUsb.
    When reviewing the posts over the past two years pursuant to the proposed SQsb, I should not have hijacked the thread with my desires for a high quality processing controller. Rather than clarifying the issue, I unintentionally moved the focus away from the real issue: put the small SQ5 on the stage floor and rock on!!!

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    Having found several uses for a Behringer X32 Rack (we are currently using one as a monitor mixer with our Avantis mixer via Dante), I absolutely can see the need/benefit of a SQ-SB type mixer. Obviously no mixer will work for every person in every situation, but it seems that updating the QU-SB mixer to something in the SQ series or above makes sense.

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    +1 – As a regular user of Qu-Pac I would love to have the functionality and quality of SQ in a similar form-factor.

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