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    Andre S

    Hi guys and girls,

    my SQ5s touchscreen rotary encoder did not work as expected so I send it in for a repair here in Germany. I was told they will replace a certain part and are now waiting for that part to arrive from A&H. My Board is now almost 5 weeks in the repair shop…I had to do 8 jobs on my old (but fully functional) x32.

    So, i wanna know: How long have you been waiting for you SQ to be repaired?

    @KeithJ A&H
    Is 5 and more week the usual time for a board to be repaired?


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @andreschaier ,

    Repair times on any of our products vary depending on lots of different things including:
    – the nature of the issue
    – the availability of parts (both our distributors and ourselves hold stock of parts to speed up the process)
    – the workload of the distributor (some distributors look after many different manufacturers too)

    One of the reasons we almost entirely work with exclusive distribution in each country/region is that we can rely on their work as well as ensure users of our products receive the best service possible.
    For warranty repairs, we actively encourage complete swaps of internal circuit boards too, rather than component level replacement/repair.

    In your case, Audio Technica DE are very good and quick with support and they would be the guys who could let you know an estimate of how long it will take. Hopefully very shortly!


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    My SQ 6 is also sent to be repaired at Audio Technica DE. It´s a shame i had to send it in after less than one year of use. But two of the encoders were almost not usable…

    I hope i get it back soon. It is out more than 3 weeks now.

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    I’ve had to send in mine twice… first for the Aux/Mix buttons not working (carbon flake build up) and now after I bought an SQ Link IO card and it didn’t work so had to get it fixed and it’s been about 6 weeks (5 Weeks at “Authorized” repair center and 1 week at A&H since repair center could not fix it) now to… Still don’t have it… Sucks that the manufacturing warranty expired but I bought the pro coverage from GC so that is covering this. Which I can’t see how if I would have never bought an IO card and I’m out of Warranty and extended coverage what I would have had to do and now my IO port doesn’t work? Guess lucky I found it before this happened.

    Tried to get my money back and just get a newer SQ but so far I’m still stuck and A&H will “fix” it again and for me to hope it doesn’t have another issue.

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    I think that is a general issue nowadays based on centralized service centers and small stock of spare parts in those centers. So this parts have to be transported almost once over the globe. Luckily my local dealer i trust supports their customer by offering them a replacement during the broken piece is on the way. But unfortunately this is a very seldom practice.

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    One of the reasons we almost entirely work with exclusive distribution in each country/region is that we can rely on their work as well as ensure users of our products receive the best service possible.

    Hi Keith,
    unfortunately for Audio-Technica/TRIPLEX I do not find this to be true, at least not for a small customer like us, after my latest inqueries. In this business, a lot of companies handling equipment such as SQ have decent in-house capabilities to avoid shipping a console for an uncertain amount of time and I would expect more than “you can send it in, we have no idea and can not give you any hints and also do not have any estimate on how long it will take” from a service partner. This leads me to rather fixing the problem by ourselves, than trusting a service partner if they can’t even provide any insight to begin with. Maybe you understand what I’m getting at.

    For us, it’s a single button not working (“utility”) and the service partner could not even tell me, if our desk could be affected by the issue mentioned by Alex in this thread: https://community.allen-heath.com/forums/topic/lost-scene-button#post-79977 – leaves me a bit frustrated.

    Best regards,
    Lino Jorzick

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